The Darkness within the Darkness and the Light within the Light

Visible Origami — July 19, 2013

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(As is so often the case and… what are you gonna do? There’s this minority view perception out there that these blogs and the manner in which they are executed, should be according to their tastes. The implications are unsettling, so I won’t go into them. Those who want Origami to go back to whatever the old Origami was, (when they are not hassling me about other things as well), which was never stationary in the first place, are simply not paying attention so… I’ll delineate just a bit. Origami is still Origami but… now I open with terrestrial and material circumstances and then transit halfway through, or before, into the metaphysical. Meanwhile, both of the other two, regularly posting blogs, have had Origami over (or under) tones added where they were not previously so… there’s actually been an increase in Origami flavored topicality. It does pay to pay attention around here and it certainly pays for me to pay attention… at all times. Here’s something else I’ve been wanting to point out for awhile. It kind of goes along with a particular theme that I have been pointing out- usually when anonymous pops in with steam coming out of his ears about masons, Illuminati, Opus Dei, The Vatican; theories about the Jesuits running Israel and how every single member of any and all of these related organizations and possibly any organization are all corrupt etc. As far as I am concerned and… I only know this intuitively; the idea that Bilderberger is making policy for the rest of the world to live by and that Bohemian Grove, is the actual location where everything rumored and suspected takes place, is a diversion and distraction. It’s all a front, designed to get you to focus on that instead of where it is really going on, which is never announced and could well take place in any number of ways or places.
I attempt to address this situation in my new novel, which will be out ASAP, after I find someone who is capable of rendering it into an acceptable format, for digital and print publication. Proofreading and text correction is only a secondary feature and more easily addressed; not to discount those efforts at all but the primary concern is to get it into something easily transferable across platforms.
I hope that the majority of the readers will bear with me and I believe that they do. Everything evolves or devolves, nothing stands still. Someone wants me to write on the subject of magic. I have written extensively on that subject and we have a search engine on the sites to assist in the location of those articles. Sure, I’ll write about it again too. It wouldn’t make much point for me to be here and show up every day, if I wasn’t of service and useful, so, that’s my intention. Time and the river will tell the truth of that. I’ve had to live right up against the edges of extremity for decades to pull this off but… I have to assume it gets sorted out somewhere at some point; not complaining, just staying with full disclosure. Alright, I’ve written near half a post of this so… keeping in mind all that’s been said here, let’s go with an object lesson)


It seems that the more we uncover, the more horrible is the filth that we uncover and it seems there is very little filth that we do uncover that does not have a good portion of the usual suspects, like Cass Sunstein engaged in it. It’s good to know that when the right person is in the official position to wipe out a large portion of the American public that she also has time to reassure those she is committing this mass murder on the behalf of and she might as well be doing a tour given all of the whistle stops at similar locations she has made on her way. This Kathleen Sibelius is cut from the same mold as Janet Napolitano. When they are not sick twisted creatures to begin with, they get shaped into them.We’re seeing all kinds of things because we are supposed to be shown them. If we don’t want to see them well, that’s up to us.
Now what are we to make of this? Here are a couple of the snippets from this shake ‘n bake article, The judge rejected any suggestion that Silverstein had sought a windfall, saying he was among the “heroes” who sought to “create beauty out of the destruction.” and… there’s this, “In my opinion, no one is enjoying a windfall — everyone is suffering from 9/11,” the judge said. “Talking about a windfall “is obnoxious in this case”. Why would this have happened in the first place, unless… unless this was orchestrated to convey the impression that the two of them and… all of those engaged in enslaving and destroying America and The West are not thick as thieves. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense except as some form of stage magic or… something yet to be determined. It does appear as if all sorts of rumblings and reactions are going on under the public radar and some of them are not under the radar. Let us presume that we can presume from all the revelations being uncovered that there’s a lot going on that we haven’t seen yet and a lot more being groomed for the saturating glow of Mr. Apocalypse’s flashlight or, the light within the light. One light makes it possible to see things at all; their shape, dimensions, colors and whatever it is that the physical senses are empowered to perceive and the other light sees things from the inside out. The other light reveals everything that is not revealed by the light it is concealed within. In a certain sense you might say this is the difference between wisdom and divine luminous wisdom. Those privy to certain arcane sciences are familiar with ‘Ain’, ‘Ain Soph’ and ‘Ain Soph Aur’.
You might recognize those terms from certain Kabalistic books attributed to the Tribe that hijacked them from Chaldean sources and other sources to cobble together a reverse engineered occult science, for the purpose of conversing with demons, as opposed to the angels for which the sciences were originally intended. This isn’t to say that there isn’t a Tribe out there that still engages in the right way to do these things. It is to be assumed that there is. In times of material darkness, a large portion of the servants of light retreat. The same is true about times when materialism is not preeminent; the servants of darkness retreat.
The yo yo dynamic of existence on this plane is a continuous interplay of light and shadows. Sometimes it’s all bright, effulgent and airy and sometimes it is dark, dreary and even worse. Because the various periods are all greater than that of any ‘human’ life, it can be hard for ‘most’ humans to grasp the vastness of the periods that pass across the stage of existence. This and other limitations in the human experience, denies most humans any real perspective, to see things as they really are. It takes a very long stretch of protracted and focused application or superhuman effort to gain the greater view. In most times,most people are not up to this, nor motivated toward this. In times of material darkness there are far fewer candidates. At the same time, because of the degree of difficulty, the potential for making great strides is never greater than in times of material darkness.
One of the things you have to keep in mind, if you just happen to be one of that sort of people …and some of us here are…, is that the terrain over which you progress, the things you go through and all manner of things, tend to conceal what’s actually happening to you, so that you often feel you are making no progress. Despair, a sense of futility and failure, are all routine companions in times of material darkness. If there were a tarot card for these times, it would be of a man taking one step forward and two steps back. I don’t know how possible it is to make a tarot card out of something like that. Then again there are several tarot cards that would readily apply to these times, far more accurately than any number of the vacuous decks put out by one new age operation or another. Some very relevant tarot cards would be; teenage girl thumbfucking cellphone with one leg bouncing over the knee of the other, man burning to death in flaming car … nah, …I’m not going to go any further with that, it is Origami and my mind just spun off into all kinds of hilarious, not-politically correct images, that are most likely not universally suitable for polite company.
Continuing… so, being aware of the nature of the times in which you are living might be one of the most important things to consider. Just because you can’t see where you are going and can’t measure any sense of progress, doesn’t mean you aren’t going somewhere and that you aren’t making any progress. This is all due to appearances being manipulated to maintain the populace in a collective headspace compound, along a spectrum that runs from clueless indifference to raving paranoia, from passive submissiveness to smoldering aggression and resentment. That doesn’t really tell you anything does it? What I mean is a spectrum of shades of gray, a kind of potential/kinetic negativity zone, with no escape hatches. There’s either a steady stream of treacly, pop tart inanities, or wild and hysterical claims being generated by the most dangerous people on Earth, concerning their chosen enemies, which should be a tip off as to who the least dangerous people might be.
If you can see that your reality is being manipulated by a dedicated cadre of Satanists, you have to assume that there are similar influences of a similar nature that are also impacting on your consciousness and your perceptions that you are unaware of, just as there are repellent life forms that are meeting in secret that have a lot more to say about what’s going on than do the Bilderbergers and the Bohemian Groovers. We’ve been confined in a deprivation chamber, (masquerading as a culture) where truth has been denied access, due to filter traps, designed to prevent its entrance. The truth is as toxic to lies as lies are toxic to the truth… except that truth is always the victor. In the cases where lies are toxic to the truth, those are the circumstances I was speaking about where the servants of life retreat due to the concentrated pervasiveness of the darkness. In the reverse cases, the lies are disintegrated, vaporized and flash incinerated by the truth. There may seem to be some sort of conflict in meaning going on here but… there’s all kinds and degrees of truth and varying levels of toxicity when it comes to evil as well.
What I am trying to say with my usual ineffectiveness is that most of us are muddling about in a massive hallucination complex, very similar to a hall of funhouse mirrors, where what we are to begin with, is distorted by what is reflecting us back to ourselves. The culture has reached a place where the unnatural is preeminent over the natural and where, no matter how much gets granted to very small minority concerns, it is not only never enough BUT apparently each improvement only makes things worse. If you are among the rapidly diminishing, endangered species of sane people, then you know how crazy this sort of thing sounds. If you have a functioning brain, you can read this article by a militarized member of this particular small minority and, as one in possession of a functioning brain, you will see the dime store psychology at work. It’s just one of the weapons being employed by the collective army of downwardly mobile dunderheads, who are working as lab rats in a maze designed by their tormentors, who have managed to convince them that they are what they have been deceived into believing themselves to be and now they are willing to kill to maintain that.
The PTW are in serious panic mode. We might not know exactly why they are in panic mode. One might assume it is because more and more is coming out every day about their plans but I think there’s more to it all than that. They’re hard at work seeking to reinforce certain lies of their own previous manufacture, like this transparent, localized, false flag effort. It’s amazing how wide and concerted an effort is going on, to reinforce the official lies, concerning all of the official assaults upon the public welfare and well being. Somethings up and I’ll leave it at that. Something’s up and the meter is running. More than that, I don’t know.
What I do know is that if you go in fear of these creeps, or you have decided that the temporary and ephemeral are where the ‘value added’ portion of life is located, you’re in trouble. There are other options if you know where to look.
End transmission ….
Visible adds:
Just for clarification, I’m not in need of proof readers or those who can search out typos but more someone who knows how to arrange the text so that it can go to a printer for publication and also be published PDF, Kindle, Sony Reader and others. I truly want to thank so many of you for offers of help.
The next book to come is “The Care and Feeding of the Sweetie”. I would think the majority of you could figure out what that is about.


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