The Queen of Farts and the Cat House of Congress

Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 18, 2013

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The Visibilantis, ‘Lying Sack of Shit Award’, is overwhelmingly and unanimously conferred upon the prissy and unctuous Lindsey Graham. The perennially blackmailed senator (sexual preference alert!) made it a point to twice mention in his Mox News interview that 200,000 Syrians had died due to Assad, when the going numbers everywhere else is around 90,000. Furthermore, as a representative of a country with secret renditions, global torture, imprisonment without trials, the murder of journalists, the gunning down and tasering of children and the sport killing of family dogs, he is also in line for the Hypocrite of the Year Award but… the competition there is so stiff that it resembles a naked Lindsey Graham, following a pubescent Boy Scout (granting the benefit of the doubt here) happening to walk past his bedroom window (warning, Politically incorrect commentary preceding). This is in no way a judgment on anyone getting hard for any number of reasons. What it is is a judgment upon a man who represents a country, whose depraved fascination with its citizens private lives, is counterpointed by his concealment of every salient detail of his own life. The litany of lies that this sewer mouthed sociopath, spews forth upon the electronic airwaves, is sick making in the extreme.
It both amazes and depresses me that there is such a large body of sold out whores, occupying the highest offices in many of the governments of the west and let’s not forget Australia; whatever its location designation may be. The reason for this is, of course (irrefutably) because the Zionist-Satanic cabal decides, has been deciding, who gets into any of those offices and which then influences all of the appointments as well; keeping in mind how the judiciary and law enforcement, are also monitored, minded and inspired; things that can happen when the wrong life forms control the currency printing presses.
Did any of us ever imagine that the level of absurdity and hypocritical acting out upon the world’s stage would ever get to this point? This is to me the most concretely conclusive proof of Mr. Apocalypse that one could ask for. If these fools were in their right minds; meaning those manipulating them (and being exposed at it) and… those being manipulated, they would never have come to such a pass. Somehow and in some fashion they would have restrained themselves. Had they one wit of awareness, or any clue of the horrific spectacle they have made of themselves, they would either kill themselves or buy a new identity and migrate to a far away land where ‘everything’s broken and no one speaks English’.
Hardly a day goes by when I do not see something new and either equally as outrageous, or more outrageous than anything previously accomplished, in terms of personal public embarrassments. In some cases the players seem to be committed to manifesting the most incredibly juvenile scenarios, like the Lady Gaga farting extravaganza. Here’s what the dictionary says about the word ‘Gaga’, “Overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused; senile”. I’m guessing the infatuation part is self directive. The synonym is, ‘senile’.
Now, while the Gaga thing is truly ridiculous, as is she, in any case, much of the rest of the mounting insanities, involve horrendous offenses against humanity by those who are not human. It should be patently clear to even the casual observer that a good portion of the human race, has been taken over by alien intelligences. When you don’t control your own mind, something, or someone else, will do it for you, or is that, ‘do it to you’ (♫one more time♫. It’s made all that much easier when you’re already bent over in the first place. That sort of happens in stages. It often begins at home with your parents (They Fuck you up Your Mum and Dad). If you are in that rare situation, where your parent are both sane and stable, then it’s only a short wait to Kindergarten and primary school, where the pseudo-maestros of personality morphing get their hands on you. The efforts become more sophisticated, as you go further up the grades. If you’re a lumpen prole, you won’t continue all that long and if you’re not, you may well wind up working in the same places as they do in the end, after all. Following that, perhaps a military service stint is in the cards; if you can’t pay for college, or your breast is unnaturally swollen, with the sort of pretentious patriotism that makes you yearn to bayonet Arab people, or gun them down or… even kill them video game style. By this time your pretty messed up and whatever claim you had to a mind of your own, well,… the deed for that is in the hands of the usual claim jumpers and ass bandits extraordinaire.
Try, try for just one moment to step back, to step far back, to where you have a panoramic perspective of the whole ugly, steaming pile of shit. Cast your gaze upon The Supreme Court, The Justice Department, the FBI, The two Cat-Houses of (unnatural) Congress and gasp… the… the… (groan) White House. Just look at what they are doing and saying; the decisions they are making. Could anyone still in their right mind and subject to the level of media exposure they are subject to, really countenance the behaviors they get up to on a regular basis? It’s not possible that they can actually see themselves as they are. Ergo, something has happened to their perceptions and reasoning capacity. Criminal behavior is of no consequence to them. Consorting with criminals is of no consequence to them. Pocketing monies from criminals and criminal organizations is only business as usual. Passing laws in favor of killing millions of people is an attractive pursuit. Speaking out in public on behalf of it, is done without hesitation. They do what they’re told and it makes no difference what they are told to do, they just do it.
It is as clear to me as clear can be that this whole theater of the absurd, Grand Guignol, extended performance, bonus DVD, murder and money porn, is under the direction of someone, or something, with a particular end in mind, emphasis on ‘end’. There’s a strange and unworkable dynamic taking place. You have a mass of trampled humanity, being squeezed like a Valencia orange, for the pleasure and profit of a small minority of creatures, who already possess far more than they can ever need, or use. It is not enough for this trampled humanity to be squeezed and sheared but they must suffer various injuries and extremities as well, for the entertainment of the aforementioned minority. A system like this cannot continue for any length of time, it is terminally self destructive. For reasons unknown to me, those contained within it are, more or less, unaware of the meaning and implications of their situation. That probably accounts for their passivity in the face of being devoured by the pernicious matrix that contains them.
Examine The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Now compare it to the daily operations and policies, of those entrusted with the governance and smooth running of the ship of state and witness what an absolute travesty is taking place, at the hands of these personages in authority in relation to those documents …. They blatantly and inarguably, violate every tenet of the laws and ideals, on which the country is allegedly based. They’re doing it in broad daylight. They are doing it without shame or restraint. The Nodwell public is blinking like a poleaxed steer that is also being engaged in the rear. There are no words or terms, equal to the task of accurately describing the singular clusterfuck, now taking place in the United States and every other enslaved principality, around the world. It cannot long endure.
Ah well, one more polemic from the provinces in these dire times. There is that hope that help is on the way. There is that hope that these foul beasts will “fall like Lucifer, never to rise again”. There is the hope that hope will rise in the hearts and the minds of those with no hope. There is the hope that the scales will be adjusted and that judgment swift, certain and final will come to pass. As long as the stars twinkle in the skies there will be hope. As long as the sun and moon, dance from day to night and back again, there will be hope. Wishing and hoping… we wish that the wind shall shift and that the high and the mighty shall fall into ignominious disgrace. We wish and hope in silence and speech that the furies of Hell shall come and take away, Larry the Leech.
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