Think-tank says ‘downgrade Christmas’

Christmas should be downgraded unless other religious festivals are marked on an even footing, a Government think-tank has said.

The Institute of Public Policy Research has suggested various ideas to make the UK more multicultural.

It also wants “national culture” barriers to be torn down to help immigrants settle into the UK.

In a report due to be published in coming weeks, the organisation said: “If we are going to continue to mark Christmas – and it would be very hard to expunge it from our national life even if we wanted to – then public organisations should mark other major religious festivals too.

“Even-handedness dictates that we provide public recognition to minority cultures and traditions.”

It emerged in 2006 that three out of four employers were not putting up Christmas decorations in the workplace for fear of offending staff of other cultures.

Comment – November 1, 2007

No matter that the United Kingdom is one of the most densely populated countries on earth, the elite want to pack still more people in.


This writer has a hunch that a scheme is beginning to unfold that is nothing short of diabolical. Although the means of sacrifice will be different, this writer suspects that it will be on par with the Aztecs ritual slaughter of thousands at Teotihuacan.

Apart from the means of sacrifice the big difference will be numbers involved, however. The Aztecs sacrificed tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands in their efforts to appease darker deities.

Their modern day counterparts intend sacrificing many millions more, maybe even hundreds of millions more in an effort to fulfill a plan that is largely dependent on people’s ignorance and gullibility to succeed.

This writer will expand upon this at a later date but for now it’s worth pointing out one significant point.

In an effort to make new immigrants feel more welcome by promoting
‘multiculturalism’, the social engineers have taken aim at Christmas. And they haven’t just targeted the modern commercial aspects of Xmas but Christmas’s real significance.

Its Christian meaning.

This should tell us who is really behind this scheme. Not Muslims who venerate the figure of Jesus of Nazareth as a man. But faceless, politically correct functionaries who in turn, and maybe quite unknowingly, are working to the promptings of a much darker agenda.