So You Want To Move to Indonesia?

Bernard Grover — July 17, 2013

Jakarta – Living away from the US feels very liberating. I notice the difference every time I catch some US TV. The soft, weak men. The wise-cracking Jews who are the only ones allowed to speak their minds. The hard, demanding, high maintenance women, and the smart-aleck, disrespectful children. When I watch the programs, all I hear are women belittling men for not being emotional basket-cases or good enough in bed, unless the man is gay and then he’s instantly OK no matter what his character. Honestly, I can’t think of any part of modern American culture that I miss.

Here, no one defines himself by who they sleep with. There is a constant focus on religion (which can be annoying.) Children are respectful. Women are demur. Men are strong and confident. Diversity means being diverse and not marching in ideological lock-step. People speak their minds. Homosexuals are around, but if they even thought of demanding special rights and sensitivity training in schools, they would quickly find insurmountable barriers.

And when it comes to police state, the metal detectors aren’t plugged in and most of the show is a put-on just to make Westerns feel secure.  Beat police are not armed and most people take care of their own, avoiding contact with government agents of any kind for any reason.  Everyone knows the agents are crooked and treat them accordingly.


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