The Nearly Unendurable Stench of a Gone Dead Culture

Smoking Mirrors — July 17, 2013

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Sometimes you come across a news item that is so over the top, so definitively surpassing all other news in recent memory that… you just have to visit it again. Even though a stench accompanies the subject, possibly even a stench as bad as this (you can’t make this stuff up), committed, truth seeking internet journos, have to see the job through. So it is that we return to the matter of Larry ‘the leech’ Silverfishstein (or Silverfishstone as you prefer). What is most compelling about this event, is that the case is going through a single judge, instead of a (god help us) impartial jury. How is this even remotely possible? Furthermore it is going before another individual, who was complicit in 9/11 coverup, at the very least …and that would be Alvin Hellerstein. Here is an individual that when compared to slime and scum, you can visibly see both the slime and scum, cringing and attempting to flow, creep (or anyway they can manage it) away from the neighborhood, so as not to be identified with this ass-clown vulture, this carrion crow, who sits upon the dead branches of a gone dead culture and feasts his ravenous eyes upon what may soon profit his unquenchable appetite.
The irony of the affair, oh, let’s be honest, there are many ironies but… the chief irony is that the Silverfishstein commanded that Building 7 be pulled down on crass media television, in front of (by this time) hundreds of thousands of witnesses. Why is he called the Silverfishstein? It is because he so resembles one in it’s astral choice of dwelling space. He even sort of looks like one. I’m sure, at one time or another, we have all seen one crawling up out of a drain.
Silverfishstein, Tribe member in good standing, with The Tribe and in bad standing with the rest of humanity, is going to appear before Hellerstein, Tribe member in good standing and in bad standing with the rest of humanity. Will they share a secret handshake? Will they engage in mutual frottage? Whatever the case may be, we won’t be informed about it. Surely someone out there in blogland can explain how a case where so much money is involved, comes to be presented before a single, criminal judge. Surely there is precedence. Surely there is a (snicker) reasonable explanation.
In concert with this tortured and smoking bag of shit, we are seeing the emergence of a new artform, indicative of the deteriorating state of society, courtesy of the very people that Silverfishstein is a member (in good standing with). First they corrupt the society and make it pliant to all sorts of abnormal headspaces and behavior syndromes. Then, while the mass of society is in a state of perverse confusion, they loot the landscape and steal whatever can be stashed or sold (as is the present case with Silverfishstein), then, once the country is stripped of everything of value, the country is abandoned for new fresh meat somewhere else. The mass of society deserves this. They still buy the official story of 9/11. Impossible you say? Au Contraire mes amis, au contraire. You perhaps think that there are limits on the possible range of stupidity, or that denial can only stay in place for a limited time. Unfortunately this is not the case. Both of these conditions can remain in place, until the necessary degree of trauma is activated for the purpose of their removal and… even then, stupidity could well still be operational. Stupidity can even be inherited. It appears to be genetic in many cases. It is also a location that one can travel to, should one be so inclined and… it appears some number are.
Let us say that there are circumstances that the subhuman brain (widely proliferating in these times) is unwilling to study and investigate because they get in the way of animal appetites and their ‘row, row, row your boat’ mentality. Not being stupid, gives the appearance of being put at risk, aptly camouflaging the extreme risk that stupidity automatically puts one in. You can see by this simple exercise of logic, that this obvious truth, should be graspable by anyone of even normal intelligence but as someone once said (I think), ‘there’s no cure for stupid’.

Here’s a newsflash for the people that don’t read this blog. Larry, ‘the leech’, Silverfishstein was deeply involved in the performance of the 9/11 attacks and Alvin, ‘the vulture’ Hellerstein, was involved in the cover up, much as Philip Zelikow was.

I sense a turning of the tide. I sense, through arcane means and in diver’s ways that this latest monstrosity of Tribe mendacity, is going to trip the lever for the ‘we be clever’ contingent. How deep is the stupidity and denial? There are people out there (seriously ‘out there’), who will reflexively object to what is said here. There is a host of those affiliated with the perpetrators, who will object to these truths being stated and a vast herd of lowing cattle, who will look up from their pastures of grass, for a brief moment, as if some dream of a memory, or memory of a dream, had momentarily risen up in their minds. Alas, comprehension did not activate; back to the grazing fields. Yet… some will awaken, possibly remembering that they once had hands and feet, previous to the time when they began to only use them to open the refrigerator, or unzip their fly, for a little hands on one on one. Is the condition being spoken of here a reality? Is most certainly is. Is it possible for such a culture to survive for very long? NO, it is not.
Real change is coming, no matter how intransigent be the ignorance and denial. Some several of the centers of true evil, are finally coming under the lens of cosmic justice. Step by step, inch by inch, in Tel Aviv, in Washington D.C., in Istanbul, in Cairo, transition is in flux (utilizing the term in the principal application, of the ‘transport phenomena’ construct in physics). Though dark shit flows up from the pit, the sunlight of awakening, will act as a long awaited disinfectant, upon presently resident, parasitical and inimical life forms. It might be hard to resist, waking up and smelling the bodies burning, when the body turns out to be your own; ♫How do we sleep when our beds are burning♫?
Still, in present times, there yet remains, a nearly unendurable stink of bone deep rot, emergent from the halls of government, counterpointed by an outrageous sense of privilege, for those who are most principally responsible for the state of the times. Let us repeat what has often been quoted here, “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad”. How true it is. How like a cleansing waft of new air, dancing over the noxious debris of former times, spawned from some unknown locale; a promise of things to come, for the few in whom some promise still resides. When you get to the end of the line, there is no end to the crazy things rising to the surface, from previously murky depths. In tandem with these things, denouements are stacking up, like planes over La Guardia, during major holiday periods. T.S.A! T.S.A! T.S.A! Oh yeah! Can you feel me?
You can’t swing a dead cat in Hell, without hitting Kalki’s white horse in the ass, cause when Hell on Earth is emergent, those favored and chosen scions of Baphomet and sundry, are in a frenzy of rampaging plunder. AND… it is everywhere to be seen. Not a day passes, when there are not multiple mentions of Tribe abuses against humanity; not a day passes and why is so much, so very, very much, floating to the surface like bobbing road apples, at some children’s Halloween party, put on Satanists for those picked for early and consistent abuses, in preparation for a lifetime of submission to the darkness? As it was so it is… until it’s not.
Yes, they have been at it for ever so long, on their ♫long train running♫, “without love”, this is right where they will be right now. ♫there is a time for every purpose under Heaven♫ and one would have to say there has never been a time quite like the time we now find ourselves in. Anything could and could not happen. Whatever does happen, is dependent on where you’re at. Where you’re at, is a signifier and identifier of personal destiny. It’s like you have some kind of infra-red or ultraviolet, light scribe code written into the aura of your being. The cosmos is scanning the inhabitants and inscribing points of destination, into the fabric of every individual being. It is of no real importance to us, whether you believe any of this or not, whether you are offended by what gets said here, whether you take umbrage at having the truth delivered, unsolicited. We’ve all got our jobs to do. For some of us, the occupation is somnambulism. For some it is forced resistance to any and all inconvenient information. For some it is the pursuit of the same. The good news and the bad news, is that we are all going to get, not only what we are after …but what we are hiding from ourselves as well. We are going to get what we are running from and what we are running to and we are going to get the real Wikipedia definition of the moment, when the moment decides to reveal itself.
I will admit to being impressed by the efficiency, efficacy and enduring capacity, of the brainwashing that’s been taking place, all over the place, for some time but… some of us are immune. Now… why is that? Why is that? There’s got to be some kind of inoculation program going on that reverse engineers the work of the perverse engineers. There’s a pre-crime antidote that appears to accompany certain DNA’s. Count yourself lucky if this registers with you. Count yourself truly unfortunate is this does not register and even worse off if it annoys you. There’s all kinds of viral but existence is a spiral. What I mean is, that actually depends on you, richtung-wise.
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