Is Rep. Ron Paul a CIA Spook?

Every day, I am being bombarded with articles and videos on Rep. Ron Paul. The message is always the same: Ron Paul is the only genuine alternative in the next presidential election and the ruling elite is trying really hard to stop him. Like everybody else, I so wish this was true, but given his actions he is far more likely a plant by the ruling elite in an effort to funnel discontent amongst American voters.

Just think about it: Ron Paul and his political advisers are always at pains not to criticise the Jewish lobby. After some preliminary flirts with the 9-11 Truth movement, an effective means of boosting his credentials in the dissident media scene, he now pushes again the old CIA lie, also promoted by Walt-Mearsheimer, that America’s foreign policies are the cause of the 9-11 attacks.

I’m still speechless that most of my fellow dissidents take anything coming from a Harvard professor at face value, a university founded with money earned in the bloody slave trade and stacked with Zionazis such as Alan Dershovitz, and ‘let’s export more American jobs to China’ Gregory Mankiw. All those two heroes of the dissident movement had to do is to confirm a couple of our views on the undue influence of the Jewish lobby on American politics, and we immediately started treating their words like Gospel.

With Ron Paul things aren’t any better. What has he done to earn our trust? Voted against the Iraq war? Big thing. Ron Paul is an olden days ‘small state, small taxes’ man. He votes against pretty much anything that costs money, including social security and medicare. This is not the place to discuss the merits of food vouchers for single mums. All I’m saying is that he has some extreme views on spending tax payers money and that’s where his stance on the Iraq war is coming from.

What made Ron Paul really popular though is his temporary flirt with 9-11 truth. Very clever move! More than half of U.S. citizens believe that the government hasn’t said the truth about what really happened, and more than one third of them believe that their own government was behind the attacks. What a clever move – both from a public relations and a dissent control point of view – to dabble temporarily into 9-11 truthing and then channel all that political energy into a harmless position such as ‘it’s our foreign policy’s fault.’ Classic gatekeeping!!!

Republican Ron Paul hasn’t stopped one out of hundreds of bills and policies with which his party converted America from a pretend-democracy to a full-blown Big Brothership. He only voted no, when it had no effect on the passing of the bill. He didn’t even vote against the critical hate bill which – once the President has signed – will allow the Kosher Inquisition to persecute anyone criticising the Jewish master race for her supremacist beliefs and criminal actions. If any of his votes was more critical to retain the slightest prospect of (re-)establishing democracy in his country, that was it. Ron Paul knew it and he voted against liberty, not because he was afraid of the scorn of the Jewish lobby, but more likely because he is a case of ‘1984’ style controlled opposition.

Now I can hear already many people coming up with the old, worn-out ‘lesser evil’ argument. That’s exactly what the ruling elite wants you to think, in fact it’s the basis of our perverted political system.

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Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog and founder of Jews Anonymous. He can be contacted on You can find more of his articles in the Editorial Section of the site.