The Root Problem: Illuminati or Jews?

(This is a revision of an important article first posted in August 2006.)

“Henry, The only solution to all these problems is to kill all the Jews.”

I got this email last week from George in response to my article about bionic women.

“Kill all the Jews and overnight these things will change. I know you’ll never make that suggestion, but it’s the only solution. The Protocols have come to fruition. Just tell the people to kill the Jews and our problems will be solved. You Henry could become a Marrano and lie like a bastard.”

As political and economic conditions worsen, resentment against Jews will grow.

“There is coming a time soon in which we shall have to fight Jews because they are Jews and because we are not,” J.B. Campbell proclaimed in “Jewish Rule” posted on ” They will leave us with no other choice, just as they left the Russians and the Palestinians and the Hungarians and now the Lebanese with no other choice but fight or die a nasty death after captivity and thirst and starvation and torture.”

John Kaminski writes, ” The Illuminati is wholly Jewish, started by a Jew turned Catholic, operated by the Jews who control the money. Now used, as a convenient myth by Jewish writers to say the problem is not really Jewish.”

Kaminski is referring to me. He has called me a “Zionist mole.” The satanic Jewish cult, the Sabbateans, might be at the heart of the problem but it has gone way beyond them to embrace the occult world in general.

The epithet “Illuminati mole” could be hurled back. People like Kaminski unwittingly serve the Illuminati agenda by making ordinary Jews the scapegoat. They divert attention from the real source of the problem which is Satanic.

As we shall see, the Illuminati is not “wholly Jewish” by a long shot. You could kill every Jew and the problem would remain. (Of course this does not absolve of guilt Illuminati of Jewish origin and their many Jewish dupes/agents i.e. Zionists, Communists, Feminists, Liberals, Socialists, Neo Cohns etc. Nor does it absolve those Jews who refuse to disassociate from organized Jewry.)

I refer Kaminski and his ilk to Fritz Springmeier, an unsung hero of humanity, now an American political prisoner, who has debriefed dozens of Illuminati defectors. The pioneer authority on the Illuminati, he says the problem is a lot bigger than “the Jews”. It is anti-religious (as in satanic) not racial.

“To call the conspiracy Jewish is misleading. The father of it all is Satan. It is Satanic and it will use anyone it can.” (“Bloodlines of the Illuminati”, p.126)


It’s the nightmare that’s still there after we wake up. It reads like a horror movie script:

The most trusted and richest society leaders have secretly organized into a satanic cult and are conspiring to turn humanity into their mind-controlled slaves. The process is designed to appear natural: “making the world a better place.” All wars, including the Cold War and War on Terror are hoaxes designed to consolidate their power.

Humanity has a terminal disease and is in a collective state of denial.

Every facet of Western society, not just organized Jewry, has been subverted. This includes business, education, military, mass media, government and all religions. The elite, Jews and non-Jews alike, are either dupes or agents. That is a condition for advancement.

The Illuminati control current events and determine human history according to their “Plan.”. What we call “secular humanism” is nothing but a facade for Luciferianism. “Modernism” is the substitution of their occult interests disguised as “reason” for Moral Order and Objective Truth i.e. God. Our modern world is a fraud dedicated to enthroning Satan worshipers as rulers of this planet.

The word “Illuminati” sounds incredible but unfortunately it’s very real. It’s plans and correspondence were seized in 1784. Defectors testified at public hearings.

The relationship of Zionists to the Illuminati mirrors that of Freemasonry, which the Illuminati also control. Most are pawns and dupes. “The Lodge shall be our nursery garden,” Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt wrote.”All those who are not suited to the work shall remain in the Masonic Lodge and advance in that without knowing anything of the further system.” (Webster, “Secret Societies,” p.210)


Humanity owes a debt of gratitude to Fritz Springmeier for exposing the Illuminati and its methods in a half dozen major works.

His definitive work is “Be Wise as Serpents” (1991) and “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” (1999). At the back he lists hundreds of names of members of the Illuminati organizations like the Pilgrim Society, Bohemia Grove and the Skull and Bones and related fraternities. The names reflect the American establishment yesterday and today. They are not exclusively Jewish.

I’ll just list a few: Astor;Ball, Bennett; Bundy; Grace; Hammer; Kennedy; Brady; Acheson; Rockefeller; Dulles; Bedell Smith; Carnegie; Cowles; Dupont; Harriman; Schiff; Roosa; Brezinski; Kissinger; Forbes; Donovan; Javits; Mellon; Turner; Coffin; Heinz; MacLeish; Stanley; Pinchot; Whitney; Walker; Steadman; Taft…etc.

A similar membership analysis could be made of other Illuminati fronts such as the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations , the Trilateral Commission and the Club of Rome.

Yes it is probable that Jewish Sabbatean heretics like the Rothschilds are the mainspring behind the Illuminati but there is no shortage of non-Jews who want a piece of the Satanic action.

Did you know Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau is Skull and Bones? Ned Lamont who tried to upset Joe Lieberman is the great grandson of Thomas Lamont, the Chairman of J.P. Morgan, who financed the American Communists. These guys pretend to oppose each other. We get to choose which satanist we want.

It’s frustrating that people like Kaminski can only see the Jews and not the gentiles. Then they blame all Jews regardless of their guilt and let all the guilty goyim off the hook. They seem to need a simple black-and-white solution to the world’s problems. They can’t face the betrayal of their own ethnic national and religious leaders. Easier to despise ordinary Jews than confront the powerful rich. I invite Kaminski et al to read Fritz Springmeier and step up to the next level.


For exposing the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier was framed for a 1997 bank robbery and sentenced to nine years in jail in 2003. They tried to make Springmeier out to be a Ted Kaczynski Unabomber. Read excerpts from this interview with Springmeier to see how intelligent he is and how evil they are. (The complete interview is available here.)

Who are the Illuminati?

“The Illuminati are the movers and shakers of the world. They are an elite group of bloodlines – I call these tribes or families – there are 13 major bloodlines. They are what are called “generational satanists”. That means that they have practiced their secret witchcraft for many centuries and they have passed their religion down from one generation to the next. They lead double lives. They have one life that the world sees and then they have a hidden life that the world doesn’t see. There have been very few people that have been able to break through the secrecy.”

“The top 13 bloodlines are the Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Reynolds, Krupp, Russell … then there is a 13th bloodline which is the Merovingian bloodline. I just simple call it the 13th and then there is the Van Duyn Illuminati bloodline. The 13th bloodline, the Merovingian, is extremely important. It includes the royal families of Europe.”

What is their goal?

“Ultimately [their goal is] to bring in what people have termed the New World Order with a man who will hold the world’s attention and carry the title ‘The Antichrist.’ That’s the ultimate goal and I am not trying to wax religious on people but that’s just the simple fact. When you get into deprogramming people you will see that a lot of the things they have been programmed to do tie in with a very sophisticated plan to unify the world under the reign of the Antichrist.”

“[Princeton historian] James Billington (Fire in the Minds of Men) traces how all the revolutions were started by this occult elite. The term revolution came from the occult idea that we were going to revolve ourselves back to the Golden Age. There is this great quest for the Golden Age, this millenialism. That’s what communism is about. If you look at the early founders of communism – they were trying to revolve us back through revolution to the Golden Age that had been lost. …it’s always for a socialistic, communistic type utopia, [a cross between] 1984 and Animal Farm.

Why do they use trauma-based mind control on their own family members?

“It’s really essential. If you are going to participate in the Illuminati secret life, being a programmed multiple [personality] is basic. There are a few in the Illuminati who aren’t programmed multiples, but considering what one has to participate in. You’ve got a number of standard rituals involved – St. Weinbald, St. Agnes, Grand Climax, Walpurgis, Beltane, all your solstices and equinoxes, Lamas, All Hallow’s Eve, High Grand Climax — all of these standard rituals. These rituals are very horrific. They involved human sacrifice. Sacrifices of babies on the High Grand Climax. On various Sabbats you’ve got a young female or a male being sacrificed.

This is not something that the normal mind is going to be able to handle. The mind control and the creation of multiple personalities where you get a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde effect – is very crucial to this thing continuing from generation to generation. They will be trained in alchemy, in Indian sorcery, Druidism, Enochian magik, Gnosticism, Hermetic magik, cabbalism, Plato, Sufism – they will know all the different branches of occult systems.”

What is the function of trauma?

“The Illuminati take a small child about two years old, and they begin traumatizing it with the worst traumas that are imaginable so that they can create these amnesia walls. They find these dissociated pieces of the mind that are just like …floppy disks, then they put in their programming to the dissociated parts of the mind as to what they want that part to become… [Elsewhere he says mind control was behind Josef Mengele’s experiments; that Mengele was Illuminati and continued his work in the US after the war.]

The Illuminati can take a particular child and manipulate things from behind the scenes and open all the right doors for this person, and they can get them the grants and the schooling and everything they need and adding impetus to this person’s career is the mind control that is steering them in that direction too. The end product is you end up with somebody who is an engineer or a lawyer or a politician who is very highly qualified for what they are doing.

A very conservative estimate – I shouldn’t even say estimate because I have computed it from about seven different angles – a conservative figure is 2 million Americans have been programmed with trauma based total mind control.”

The Ultimate Goal?

“The whole long-range goal of this, and when I say long-range, it’s not going to take them long to get us there at the rate they are going – the end goal of all of this is to eventually create an entire planet of mind controlled slaves that can be controlled by one super computer. They are manipulating our thoughts and our attitudes, and steering us, herding us (they consider us animals – the Illuminati consider themselves god, god men and us to be the animals) they are herding us in the direction they want to us to go.”


Let’s not fall into the Illuminati’s divide-and-conquer trap. Springmeier says this is “a war against evil not race.” He says that, as a virtuoso with an old violin, a “Master’s hand can turn anyone into a beautiful thing.” He says that many members of Illuminati families have found Christ and broken free. Similarly many Illuminati dupes, whether Jewish or not, can be reached by a message of Truth and Love. We can all be deprogrammed.

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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order.” ( His articles can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.