The Latest War Between Jeff Rense and Jim Stone

Jim Stone — via Rebel News July 15, 2013

Rense denied booting me off the air. So I´d like him to explain the following Skype chat, and ask WHERE THE * is this program in archives:

hi jim, just a note to confirn the interview at 1:00 pm pacific time today
[09/07/2013 2:22:59] Mike Harris: please accept the skype invite from rense radio. thank you
[09/07/2013 2:53:18] Mike Harris: Hi Jim, rense radio will send you an invite , please accept.
[09/07/2013 2:53:27] Mike Harris: talk to you in a few minutes
[09/07/2013 2:55:34] jim stone freelance: I forgot to tell you, the fight between Rense and Makow happened explicitly because of me
[09/07/2013 2:56:02] jim stone freelance: Rense warned Makow that if Makow allowed me on his front page, that Rense would destroy him
[09/07/2013 2:56:27] jim stone freelance: Makow told Rense that he was his own man, and had me on his front page
[09/07/2013 2:56:34] jim stone freelance: Rense proceeded to destroy Makow
[09/07/2013 2:56:41] jim stone freelance: ARE YOU SURE you want me on?
[09/07/2013 2:56:54] jim stone freelance: Rense will probably bump you off his network
[09/07/2013 2:57:10] jim stone freelance: Rense IS the opposition
[09/07/2013 2:57:28] jim stone freelance: Either that, or Nuclear is a religious topic with Rense
[09/07/2013 2:57:37] jim stone freelance: It was over the Fukushima report
[09/07/2013 2:58:09] jim stone freelance: I have had a bad feeling about this, are you SURE you want to risk that much to have me on? You can still announce an emergency on my end
[09/07/2013 2:58:27] jim stone freelance: If you have me on, you stand a big chance of losing your program
[09/07/2013 2:59:05] jim stone freelance: I was going to warn you earlier but they cut the internet off when I said I was going to use it to talk to you, I am now on Deligo´s internet
[09/07/2013 2:59:22] jim stone freelance: I am THAT hot a topic with these a-holes
[09/07/2013 3:00:46] jim stone freelance: Last week I did not know you were on Rense radio
[09/07/2013 3:01:13] Mike Harris: this is the first I have heard of any tiff with Rense.
[09/07/2013 3:01:30] Mike Harris: Rense said the same thing about stew webb and stew seems OK
[09/07/2013 3:01:48] jim stone freelance: It was a SPECIFIC warning to Makow that if he mentioned me on his weg site or my Fukushima report that he would boot makow, and HE DID
[09/07/2013 3:02:02] jim stone freelance: And then there was the war between Makow and Rense.
[09/07/2013 3:02:42] jim stone freelance: You can still announc an emergency, talk to Rense about this, and have me on tomorrow
[09/07/2013 3:02:50] jim stone freelance: I am not here to wreck people
[09/07/2013 3:03:12] jim stone freelance: DO NOT argue with Rense if he says no, because he jumps straight to nuking people who do not fit his agenda
[09/07/2013 3:03:22] jim stone freelance: I am absolutely banned by him
[09/07/2013 3:03:45] jim stone freelance: And it is really fishy, because for two hours Rense front paged the Fuku report, and he got pressured by someone to pull it
[09/07/2013 3:03:47] Mike Harris: ok, do you wish to defer this until maybe thursday
[09/07/2013 3:03:50] jim stone freelance: he was initially on my side
[09/07/2013 3:04:04] Mike Harris: like I said this is all news to me
[09/07/2013 3:04:05] jim stone freelance: You need to check with rense to find out if he is under pressure to keep me off the air
[09/07/2013 3:04:17] Mike Harris: I called him and left a voice mail
[09/07/2013 3:04:23] jim stone freelance: I apologize for this, but they cut the internet and I could not give earlier warning
[09/07/2013 3:04:29] Mike Harris: damn the torpedeos full speed ahead
[09/07/2013 3:04:30] jim stone freelance: I was going to warn you earlier
[09/07/2013 3:04:56] Mike Harris: to quote admiral farragut at the Battle of New Orleans
[09/07/2013 3:05:19] jim stone freelance: If I get the invite I will go on, but keep it mellow and stay away from nuclear topics
[09/07/2013 3:05:32] jim stone freelance: I advise you NOT TO until you talk to Rense
[09/07/2013 3:05:34] Mike Harris: the invite should be there

At 1:18 PST Mike Harris specifically stated that Rense pulled the plug and the show was over, GOODBYE. If anything is faked differently in the future by Rense to cover this up, which can be easily dubbed in, it’s a bold faced lie. Additionally, a few minutes later the internet quit working at Deligo, and the cell modem would not hook up, and I did not get back online despite moving miles and trying different cell nodes until two hours later, when I found a Starbucks with WIFI that worked.
Rense then had someone do a hit piece, where it was claimed that I am proud of my NSA background and trumpet it – anyone who knows this site knows I am NOT proud of that background and am very upset about what the NSA became. His ill informed hit piece writer then went on to claim I hate all Jews, when in reality I have always praised Mike Rivero, Henry Makow and Aaron Russo, and call them three very good, and in the case of Aaron Russo, heroic Jews. How many times have I linked Aaron Russo freedom to facism here?
His writer then went on to say that my sheer volume and quality of writing here PROVES I am not ONE MAN, no, I am an entire intelligence agency because only an intelligence agency would be able to produce the quality and volume of what is here. And to my educated readers out there, I would like to ask the question – if an average PhD sat down and focused every effort hunting down and reporting on multiple topics DAILY, would a decent one, not a paper trained idiot, not be expected to match or beat this? How stupid is the guy he had write the hit piece? In my own opinion, MIKE RIVERO, A JEW, WORKING ALONE, IS AN EASY MATCH. So is Whatreallyhappened an intelligence agency? Do I hate Jews because Mike has a site that is as good as and probably better than mine? WAKE UP. There is only one thing I will claim to do better than Mike, and that is digging deep on technical topics. Mike trumps me in many ways. So that makes mike a SPOOK according to Rense logic.
His idiot then went on to quote where I said that you cannot accomplish secure encryption on a compromised computer with a compromised operating system and called me co-intel because I made that claim. And that was absolutely ludicrous, because it is a self evident truth – if someone has your back door, everyone’s back door via a well known NSA key and cooperation of the operating system writer who intentionally wrote an operating system that could be used to rape you, the truth in this is obvious. And if Rense wants to make everyone think it is perfectly possible to keep everything secure with operating systems which are designed to be penetrable WHO is co-intel?
As a side note, I would like to add here outside any reference to Rense – I have been ripped for saying manual typewriters are the only way to keep secure, because the “NSA figured out how to hack an IBM selectric,” ALL THE WHILE I said you should use a MANUAL typewriter, not an electric typewriter, you need to use something like an old Underwood. And that is exactly what the Russians started doing when Snowden spoke up, they went to full manual typewriters for many tasks. Who on earth would bring up only models of electric typewriters that could be hacked, for the purpose of undermining my credibility and calling me a spook when I said MANUAL TYPEWRITERS, of which there are hundreds, if not thousands of models? See any possible agendas to undermine a genuine white hat there?
SO according to Renses cronie I am co-intel, because I produce too much good material to be for real, am proud of my NSA background, hate all Jews, and well, a zillion other things that are just wasting space. If you want to know who is lying in all of this, TRY TO FIND THAT PROGRAM ARCHIVE and then ask yourself, if Rense turned his back on the Fuku report and does not have enough intellectual fortitude to have me on his network, on a subsidiary program where I did absolutely nothing hostile, all the while I warn about vaccines, GMO´s and a zillion other things like false flag terror and the facist police state – you know what is here, WHY AM I BANNED ON RENSE?

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