The Drummer Man

Chris Spivey — July 13, 2013

Strange isn’t it?

When those who refuse to – or can’t – accept that the Woolwich murder was a government hoax, but can no longer explain the many anomalies surrounding the fiasco, they adopt a “move on/just let it go” approach.

And therein lays the fucking problem.

Apathy at best, complete, and utter insanity at worst.

Why the fuck should it just be allowed to drop?  Those who say it should may not care about their children and grandchildren, but I’m fucking dam sure I care about mine… So bollocks to just letting it go.

To my way of thinking, there should not be a single adult in this country prepared to just let it go.

Therefore, those of you who do care about your children’s future need to demand answers to the questions that I will raise throughout this investigation into the Woolwich hoax… For a hoax, it surely is.

You see, as much as I would like to, I can’t demand answers.  The cunts in parliament avoid me like the plague, refusing to even acknowledge my E-mails.

Okay, let’s get on with it. You may find the following map handy to refer to.

Continues …

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