Canada Anxious to Bury “Porn Judge” Inquiry

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — July 13, 2013

An inquiry which laid bare Masonic blackmail and control in Canadian society could be shelved because it is too damaging to our “leaders.”
A federal court judge announced Friday that the Canadian Judicial Commission Disciplinary Hearing into whether Lori Douglas should be fired was “on hold” pending yet another inquiry by the Federal Justice Department into whether the first inquiry was “biased” against Douglas.  It has now been a year since the original inquiry has held hearings.
As we shall see, the Federal Court Judge Judith Snider chided the Canadian government for failing to challenge Douglas’ application.
It is totally bizarre that Douglas wasn’t fired three years ago when it became public she did not disclose that about sixty obscene pictures of her were in circulation or on the Internet. (Of course, this is the reason she was hired by the Judeo Masonic (Illuminati) clique that runs Winnipeg. She was blackmail-able.) Instead, for three years, she has been sucking up $250,000 in public money doing “administrative duties.”
It is even more bizarre that a judge facing dismissal can suspend her disciplinary hearing because of supposed “bias” on the part of the commissioners. By this logic, serial murderers would walk free.
Yet, according to the Winnipeg Free Press, Justice Judith Snider ruled Friday that continuing the highly charged hearings would compound “the irreparable harm to her reputation and career.  Friday’s ruling, seen as a victory for Douglas, inches the tortuous matter forward, paving the way for a full judicial review of the disciplinary hearing, which is on hold. “
What the ? Instead of focusing on the public whose lives are affected by Douglas’ rulings, they are concerned about her reputation and career? Douglas was under occult control. Her mission was to destroy marriages and families. How many other judges are similarly controlled?


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