The Last Gasp Monsters and the Zones of Transition

Visible Origami — July 12, 2013

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Greetings and salutations my friends and welcome to an authentic Origami posting. There has been so much odious activity by the last gasp monsters in their death throes that I have felt compelled to comment on in the moment, lest I lose particular commentaries. I know there is a dedicated core of readers who prefers Origami to the other blogs. I’m one of them (grin). It’s the oldest blog, what I set out to write about, later realizing that this is always going to be a small demographic so… I put Smoking Mirrors together and circulation increased ten times as I suspected it would. There is a mysterious aura around the number, 10%. In respect of any project, or coming together over any concept, should you be able to get some amount of that ten percent (that makes most of what is meaningful happen on this planet; unless you are talking about the negative 10%, who are behind all of the twisted shit) together, success is guaranteed. There is something about the fact that that ten percent sincerely cares and is not only motivated but guided by and inspired by a higher power. There is a preponderance of that 10% that comes to these sites. The resonance here, between the readers and the postings and between one another, is proof positive to me.
I’ve talked about getting a living situation together, that includes willing members of that ten percent. It’s been under discussion for most of the last decade but there has always been logistical problems or polarizations between critical individuals, in terms of bringing it about. At this time the Karmic locks have come off of the idea and all kinds of cool, ancillary features are coming about. My own difficulty with involvement is that, so far, I lack the 25,000 dollars for investment, which confers automatic permanent residency but I have the feeling that will show up, as so many surprising things have done in my life. There are levels and degrees of faith, that operate in conjunction with creative imaging, which work in a guaranteed fashion toward success and the realization of any goal. Given what a number of people have pulled off at other times, my personal requirements are small potatoes indeed. There is nothing that God cannot accomplish through willing agency, which does not obstruct the flow of the cosmic will. Whatever we visualize is already an actuality in the mind of God and requires only the usual precipitation to bring in down across the planes of ATZILUTH, BRIAH, YETZIRAH and ASSIAH.
Desire is the agent of God’s will. Desire is the agent of God’s will. Imprint that sentence upon your consciousness. It is literally true. The bad guys (the deluded ones) are well aware of the power of collective focused thought on the part of any small group of dedicated individuals. This is the reason they are so intent on spreading confusion and chaos, dividing us apart from each other and creating economic extremity. The amount of disposable income loose in the world is vast. It is unfortunate that in the majority of cases, those possessing these huge sums are completely under the spell of the funds they have amassed, through certain talents and fortuitous karma. There is inherent in this a great tragedy. Unless one develops a philanthropic nature and the capacity to act as a faithful steward of that which has come to them, they will not only eventually lose it all but… their end will not be pretty and the aftermath will be horrific. That is a certainty. When I see all these rock stars, successful artists, living it up and indifferent to the needs of their fellows, except when they get together for one of those phony charity scams designed to make themselves look good and which I refer to as ‘Bonoisms’, I cringe at the thought of what awaits. As for the businessmen and related entrepreneurial clowns, their Silas Marner aspect is to be expected, as is the lifestyles of conspicuous consumption; many houses around the world, many servants in attendance, ridiculous expenditures like 600 foot yachts, solid gold bathroom fixtures and many gaudy trinkets that only have value because of their exclusivity and not because of any useful function they perform. Awhile ago, I read about some number of society women who were having their toes surgically altered so that they could fit into Jimmy Choo shoes. This is much like Catherine Zeta Jones bleached anus and any number of silly fashionista absurdities that the bored and idle rich get up to. If you want to look incredibly stupid it’s not hard. The level of nutso available to the pornographically rich is truly disturbing(grin). When I mention that the hypnotic fog that many rich people move in is a cloud of madness (which I didn’t until just now), that’s exactly what I mean. There’s no end to this kind of thing but there will be an end to my talking about it and I think this should just about wrap it up, n’est pas?
We’ve heard a lot about transitions over recent years and we’ve been waiting but… if it’s actually going on anywhere, it’s under the radar for sure. One thing that is not under the radar is the increase of population immersion in material murk. The reason no dramatic collective transitioning has been going on, is because the clock is off, as has been stated here any number of times. This and many another thing is coming but events must run their course to that end.
Transitioning works in two directions, That’s something to keep in mind and another thing is that several different Earths are going to appear for the benefit or to the detriment of those who are going to occupy them. You can think of it as planes of existence that resonate to the vibratory aura of the inhabitants. You can guess what that means. We’ve all heard of the lower and upper astral planes but we may not all be aware that these are very large zones with a great many levels.
We’re been the recipients of a whole lot of channeled information, it’s been going on for some time. I’ve looked into some of it but most of the information strikes me as contrived and predictable. I get people recommending channeled information to me on a regular basis. It doesn’t do anything for me. I get this interpreting cadence from the rhythm of the words being used. This does not mean to say that all of the information is bullshit, what it means is that it’s just not relevant to me; things like the Urantia Book and A Course of Miracles. Some number of people swear by this but it just left me cold. I doubt many people know about the details of the authors demise. Although this article is written by a Tribe member atheist, it’s not short on facts about Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Reading the whole article gives you certain grimly humorous details. I’m not trying to diminish Ms. Ross’s accomplishments, I’m just trying to point out inconsistencies and dupeable personalities.
Then there are all these channelings that purport to come from certain star clusters and constellations. Some of these have been coming down for decades with not a whole lot to show for it except a good profit margin for their earthly representatives.
It is pretty amazing how hollow and clueless some of the people we consider to be informed turn out to be. One of the things about existence is that people are living lives they have been after for a long time. Otherwise they are paying bills, sometimes for living the lives they schemed and dreamed about for so long. The meter is always running and that also goes in two directions. I don’t presume to know all there is to know about life but… there are things I have been told by various sources and I tend to believe what I hear, depending on where I hear it from. That said, I am still of the ‘trust but verify’ school of thought.
I don’t want to piss on people’s heroes or tarnish icon illusions but… there’s an awful lot of hype at work in the lives of many of those living their ‘important lives’. As I said, there are some number of people living lives and having lifestyles that they have coveted for a good long time. We all get these kinds of lives occasionally and events and conditions in this life are quite often fortunately aspected. The wheels are greased. Unfortunately for many who live these lives, these existences do not come without cost and this escapes the attention of those operating on cruise control. Then again, fortunate existences can turn into unfortunate existences; witness Aaron Hernandez and any number of people who occupy important and influential positions but are universally despised. When you are hated by a large number of people it can have serious karmic implications… be careful what you wish for. That last line can be considered in the context of much that has been discussed in today’s posting, even though I wrote this last night (grin).
There are some very important things in this life that should demand and require serious attention. It is a real liability when they don’t. People gloss over eternal verities as if they don’t exist and give their energy and substance to trivial things. Peer pressure accounts for the disposition toward this and the need to be accepted by people who couldn’t care less about you is also a factor. Fitting in has never been so important and accounts for the pathological interest in social networking, dating sites, the massive porn presence and the ubiquitous state of loneliness and isolation experienced by so many in the midst of the crowd.
There is one almighty consideration that must be uppermost in the minds of anyone who is interested in spiritual pursuits and that is the control of one’s own mind. Without that, you’re just spinning your wheels. Until you have control of what goes in and out of your mind and can maintain it in a state of emptiness for long periods of time, you won’t be able to hear the still small voice, or communicate with useful intelligences. Like was said a long time ago, “know thyself”, along with “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, “to thine own self be true”. These are all seriously relevant and necessary to one’s progress. There’s no getting around the basics but people will try and the new age cash register mentality has got all kinds of get wise quick schemes. No matter what, you can’t get from point A to point D without going through the intermediary stages. One moves as fast as one is adaptable to positive and lasting change.
Self discovery is the nature of the game. Out of self discovery comes self realization and no one gets very far without invisible help. Unfortunately, without true discrimination, one (all too often) can more easily get the wrong kind of invisible help. That is everywhere to be found and convenience is the nature of the beast in these times. Some fish swim on the surface and some fish swim in the deeps.
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