Satanist Revisits Profumo Affair

(Photo: Stephen Ward, 1912-1963, with Christine Keeler. Asked what really happened, Ward told a friend, ‘Dear boy, England’s a brothel and Macmillan’s the madame. I’m acting as liaison between Macmillan, Kennedy and Khrushchev in the cause of peace.’)
Apparently the Profumo scandal , which toppled the Macmillan government in England in 1963, was part of a larger Illuminati plot to entrap leaders of the “Free” world, including JFK, and replace them with  practicing Satanists.
Dr. Stephen Ward was a GRU (Soviet) agent.  Aloysius Fozdyke suggests that he was a “Black magickian” as well.

I asked AJF if he could tell us more about Stephen Ward.
There’s a lot of other stuff I could write about the late Stephen Thomas Ward, but I honestly can’t. The material in my last paragraph can be published because all of that has been sorted out years ago. No mass media in the world will publish it. Ian Sidney Henke [see below] still languishes in gaol, even though his non-parole period has been completed. Hopefully he’ll die there. [Makow- Apparently there is some connection between Henke, an Australian tax reformer, and Ward.]

By Aloysius Fozdyke — ( July 11, 2013

This is only what I heard and remember, mainly from [mentor] Petor Narsagonan. I put it no higher.
In about the early 1930s Stephen Ward was in Germany. While there he met Franz Bardon. Not sure if Bardon was a black magician, but Magick is like electricity: you can use it to power a bread toaster or an electric chair. I expect that an interpreter was used as to the best of my knowledge neither spoke the other’s language.

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