Controlling the News October 18, 2007

(Note: The writer of this column, once involved in the newspaper empire of Rupert Murdoch, retired and then return to his profession but for a different employer. He has resumed his submission of articles on the control of the American media. Ed.)

New York, October 18, 2007: “I see matters haven’t gotten any better since I left the game. The war is still with us, Bush is still sliding down into the quarry and our press is still sucking up to the power elite as it has ever since the Roosevelt administration.

Aside from an enormous flood of lies from every government agency, we have now something far, far more serious to deal with than a nut President.

This is a super critical health problem now gathering steam in America. It is so serious that the media has been ordered, not asked, to keep as much of a lid on it as possible. This is not like the 9-11 coverups which have reached monumental proportions and which are causing a great public outcry.

What we have is a massive and growing outbreak of a deadly, totally drug-resistant bacteria called MRSA. As of the end of September, 2007, nearly 125,000 Americans have died from this and at least another 200,000 seriously damaged by the infections. None of these figures, which we get in from federal health people but are considered to be too sensitive to even discuss in public, are being published.

Since it is impossible to completely sweep these under the rug, like the 25,000 real dead in Iraq, the press is being told to mention this as little as possible and when they do, to minimize the reality of a burgeoning 1918-type flu epidemic.

Here are some facts, straight from Georgia: MRSA is a deadly bacteria found in all American medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. It real name is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus,

Currently, the death rate is about 85% and there is currently no, repeat no, known cure for it. The disease is very easily spread in medical facilities, even by touching an infected person. This disease attacks the immune system and the internal organs, causing a protracted and terrible death. Since infected persons exhibit no symptoms prior to the outbreak of the disease and are considered “highly infectious” according to the high-level reports, there is no way to quarantine people, no prophylaxis for the exposed, no vaccine for those who some into contact with an infected carrier. In addition, at least 350 doctors and about 1500 medical personnel like nurses and attendants have sickened and died.

This disease, for which there is no cure, is now increasing geometrically in the population. It has already killed more than AIDS, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s combined, and shows no sign of tapering off. On the contrary, federal health authorities now predict that at least 20,000,000 people could “expectedly sicken and die of MRSA” within a two year period (at the least.)

What can be done?


Be sure you have a will in place and don’t worry about your family getting your insurance. Another aspect of this is that the major insurance companies will not pay out a dime if someone dies of MRSA. They have firms of lawyers who will see to that and since the insurance industry is so supportive of the Republicans, nothing will happen.

There well could be so many dead that mass cremations will have to take place to prevent the spread of the infection. I wish I had something less deadly to report but I can’t pick and choose.

And soon enough, I will be publishing some of the inside dirt on the 9-11 scandal that the press is forbidden to touch. The cover-up is really amazing! Let’s keep in touch, kids.”