Just One Example of How Men Are Raped Too

From: John Spritzler — Courtesy Shamireaders July 10, 2013

The rape of a man by Chicago police described below is just one example of how men, not only women, are raped too.
For statistics from the Centers for Disease Control related to the incidence of men being raped, please see the subsection titled “Rape” in my article, Misandry: An Obstacle to Solidarity Between Men and Womenat http://newdemocracyworld.org/culture/misandry.html.
The point is that rape is a very bad thing that should be stopped, but–contrary to the radical feminist narrative of people like Eve (Vagina Monologues) Ensler and Ms Magazine–it is not exclusively something that men do to women (in a supposed “patriarchy” based on “rape culture.”)
Eve Ensler, for example, famously campaigns against the rape of women in the Congo, framing it as an injustice suffered exclusively by women, as she does in her article, War on Women in Congo,” which does not mention that men are raped in the Congo. But men are being raped in the Congo, as these two articles discuss:


In the article linked to by the second link, it says: “According to a recent study, a staggering 24% of men and 39% of women have been estimated to have been raped in the Congo, while many more cases go unreported.”
Pitting women against men is a ruling class strategy. The ruling elites want women to blame ordinary men for their oppression and to see the conflict in society as fundamentally one between the oppressive male gender and the oppressed female gender. Eve Ensler promotes this ruling class-sponsored ideology. This is why Eve Ensler is famous. The ruling class offers fame to people that it wants to be well known and influential.
When it comes to rape, good men and good women need to be allies against it, as is clearly the intention of the woman named Kathleen who wrote the message below. It is the intention of the ruling class to persuade people like Kathleen that males are her enemy.
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Justice For Man Abused by Chicago Police

Kathleen — Care2 Petition Site

Chicago police arrested Angel Perez for his supposed connection to a crime he knew nothing about. That would be bad enough — but the horrifying abuse Angel says he underwent while in custody are even worse.

When Angel didn’t cooperate to the police’s satisfaction, he says he was beaten and sexually assaulted. First, he had his head slammed into a car before he was put into ankle shackles, handcuffed to a bar, and threatened by police officers.

When they returned to the station, the horrors continued. The CPD wanted information about a man named “Dwayne” whose contact information was in Perez’s phone. The police wanted to initiate a drug sell with Dwayne, and he says it’s when he refused that they started to assault him, putting pressure on his eye sockets and digging their elbows into his back before sodomizing him with a gun. Angel was never even charged with a crime.

I know this is hard to read, but it’s essential that Angel’s story not be ignored or forgotten. The Chicago PD has a known history of abusing prisoners, and its officers must be taken to task before they inflict disgusting treatment like this on any other innocent people.

Please tell the Chicago Police Department to do a full internal investigation of Angel’s case and prevent disgusting incidents like this from happening in the future!

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