I got booted off the air mid program by Jeff Rense

Jim Stone — via Rebel News July 10, 2013

While on the air with Mike Harris today, Rense pulled the plug mid program. This is another open letter to Jeff Rense

You yourself had the Fukushima report posted for half a day before pulling it, who put pressure on you to do so? The topic was not Fukushima, it was the NSA, which I am one of the top, if not THE top media presence that can speak about this topic accurately. Are you sure pulling the plug was a good idea? Let’s move on to the root of the issue –
Either someone put pressure on you to keep me off the air because I did a flawless investigation of Fukushima including interviewing the lead engineer who designed reactor 3, an investigation which also pegged the quake, tsunami, and Fuku disaster on Isreal beyond all doubt, or you are afraid of nuclear power and are against it like a religion. If you really believe the quake in Japan was natural, just look at the pictures of the totally undamaged cities and towns as the tsunami rolls in if you do not “get it”.

This little tiff is counter productive

I would also like to see the American nuclear industry shut down, but for a REAL reason. Nothing that hits your site regarding nuclear topics has any accuracy at all. The real reason why the American nuclear industry needs to be shut down is because initially, when all the nuclear facilities were designed and installed, they were done so with the calculation that the nuclear fuel cycle would be successfully closed (as the Fuku 3 engineer put it, “closing the nuclear loop”), where when fuel could not be run in a boiling water reactor anymore because it’s characteristics changed too much, it could, without reprocessing and in the same rods, be loaded directly into a different type of reactor and used as fresh fuel. When the complimentary reactor was done with the fuel it could be loaded straight back into the boiling water reactor and run as new.
After designing Fukushima, this engineer became the lead engineer in this project, and they succeeded in closing the nuclear fuel cycle in 1976. They were going to go operational with this technology in ALL the nuclear facilities as was originally planned when they were built, to prevent an enormous buildup of “spent” fuel that really was not spent at all. The fuel in American power facilities is good for approximately 20 cycles using this technology, and with the technology banned it is good for only ONE. This forced the nuclear industry to keep storing fuel in facilities that were only designed to handle a delay of this technology of 15 years. The technology was delivered in three years, and for no good reason at all Carter banned it via executive order.
I questioned this engineer over the safety of the system, and he said there was never any problem at all, and it was all political mind games to get it banned. He lamented the waste of fuel, but I saw things differently. Unlike this engineer, I knew the Federal Government has long been the enemy of the American people, and I saw the banning of the technology as an act of war. Now we have facilities with 40X the spent fuel they were supposed to have sitting all over America just waiting for the right sequence of problems to cause a huge disaster. If ANYTHING goes wrong and one of those fuel caches catches fire, ANYTHING, like a smart bomb, a Stuxnet attack, or a nuclear war, it’s bye bye and every affected nuclear facility is going to become a nation destroying pit of hell. AND IT WAS DONE ON PURPOSE.
THAT is the real story Rense, and I suggest you get with it. Unlike what you believe I am not pro nuclear, certainly NOT within the reality of a sabotaged system such as what America has now. The nuclear industry has been weaponized. THAT is what you should be talking about.
Immediately after getting booted off the air, the internet connection was also cut and my cell modem has since been prevented from accessing the system, even at multiple different locations. It took me a little over two hours to find a wifi hotspot where I was not banned. I know Rense would not have done that, someone else did. So hitting the Rense audience is obviously strictly forbidden by the powers that be. When I looked over what Mike Harris normally covers, he is obviously on our side. If you are as well Rense, you need to grow a pair – this silly divide is downright ridiculous and ultimately counterproductive.
Jim Stone

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