Stalking Horses and Robot Whores of the Kali Yuga

Les Visible — July 10, 2013

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In the spirit of trying to find something to talk about, besides the most evil gene pool of faux humanity to ever river dance with their cloven hooves, across the the tawdry, imitation tinsel stage of this Kali Yuga, let me gift you with some reading material from the finest magazine presently being published. It’s also my pleasure to pass on a photographic travelogue that will take you a long time to finish perusing. I learned a lot myself by giving an hour or so to the study of these photos. Watching Elmo grope Anderson Cooper was interesting, given the claims made about the Elmo guy and what we know about two dimensional talking head Cooper. I also didn’t know that Mark Twain and Nicola Tesla were friends. You’ll be seeing some strange bedfellows here (if there is a pun in there, it’s intended.)
If you are up for it, you learn something new every day and… as I said… Cracked Magazine is pretty cool, consistently. A lot of weird things go on, on this planet. The readers, some of them, seem confident about their debunking of some of these mysteries but mysteries continue. Some things are not all that mysterious but what is mysterious is that the public is hamstrung in their capacity to respond to the monstrous violations of the laws of Nature and common sense. Yes, some things are no mystery and some of us have known the truth of the matter for a long time.
The degree to which insanity has taken hold of the culture is truly profound. What do we know about insanity? We know that it is inherently self destructive and that it gets worse as it goes along, like any other disease, all of which are a symptoms of an organism out of balance and at war with itself. Whether it is an individual, or a country, it’s end is certain, unless corrective steps are taken. The degeneration of the culture, is exemplified in the sort of leaders that frolic about like ambulatory cowpies. As I’ve said, I’ve got no opinion on what people do behind closed doors, so long as it doesn’t involve mass murder, or any of the other horrendous crimes being performed by the self styled elite, upon a stupefied and obliging public. Still, it’s always useful to explore the possible reasons why any number of world leaders are disposed to do what their Central Banking Israeli masters tell them to. Obviously blackmail is playing a big part in the manipulation of politicians, throughout the western nations and when that isn’t operative, the promise of riches and corporate position, are wagged in front of their beady little eyes and greedy little hearts for future consideration.
In any case, things of this sort are surfacing all over the internet and surprisingly 72% of Americans believe it is happening. It all goes back to the dual national neocons at PNAC and to other devilish plots that preceded that. The Zio-owned press is pretty clear about what they think and it is obvious that there is no depth or depravity to which they will not stoop. When you are genetically predisposed to killing tens of millions of people and when genocide is your primary directive, it stands to reason that you will stop at nothing. It is amazing how many of the evil deeds performed on this planet, in recent memory, can all be traced back to the same sources.
It is difficult to talk about the good that is unseen in the atmosphere, all around us, because it is unseen. Of course, good surfaces every day, in thousands of different ways, in the actions and words of those who have committed themselves to their humanity, rather than the growling beasts of appetite, who are curried and stroked by the mass of the population. Eventually these beasts can grow to a considerable size, at which point they make the majority of decisions, in whatever life they have become preeminent in. There is only one way to gain mastery over these energies and that is to stop feeding them. This makes them angry and they can become scary and intimidating for a bit but we are always stronger than they are. This is something we need to assure ourselves of because our appetites are not going to tell us this. I am presently engaged in saying goodbye to a practice I have engaged in for a very long time. It can truly be a beast and difficult to be quit of but that is only for so long as one is uncertain of one’s determination to accomplish this separation. If one is convinced that the decision has been made, it can be managed with no great difficulty. If one is not convinced, it is agonizing and unlikely to be successful. Just about anything that is life changing has to be engaged with one’s whole heart. Nothing else is effective.
If you’re going to be bad, you should be really, really bad and the same applies to being good. One of the truths about existence that does not seem to penetrate many minds is that you cannot take anything with you when you leave here and any appetites and desires that have not been mastered, will attend your departure as heavy weights upon you. It’s kind of like trying to make your way into outer space. When space programs send rockets off planet, the rockets have booster components that are much bigger than the rest of the unit. It takes a lot of force and power to get out of Earth’s atmosphere. Very similar principles apply when you leave this life. There are many densities of atmosphere between here and the more rarefied zones. The higher you can go, the longer you can stay. A lot depends on what you have accomplished here too; what you have been in the service of.
You head in the direction of what you are magnetized by, just as it pulls you and pushes you around on this plane, it does the same on the next plane and more… appetites, desires, convictions, beliefs, these become as powerful as you have allowed them to become and you find yourself surrounded by others of similar predisposition. It is as if there are hundreds of different ballrooms, prisons, cities, wildernesses, you name it …and each of them has many, many or fewer inhabitants, who share a common taste and a common theme. The internet is like this. There are whole areas of the internet where you have never gone and which you have no interest in. There are others who spend a large part of their every day there. It’s like sex. Some people can only gain the release they seek from experiencing pain or causing pain. Some must dress up. Some need a variety of props. These days, normal is an endangered species and if things keep going the way they are, it will soon be against the law as well. They’re hard at work toward making it happen. Of course, this Aloysius Fosdyke is another of those Sorcha Faal constructs, the same way that this is a staged Romper Room level street drama. It’s a sad commentary on contemporary human intelligence that people will watch this kind of thing and not realize what a pathetic amateur hour they’re looking at. It’s much like the people who think this robot whore has their best interests at heart. There’s no question he’s working for the dark side, just like there is no question that his daddy, like John Kerry was, is a stalking horse, siphoning off the hopes, dreams and finances of the terminally duped. Hope dies hard and this is a bad problem with people. Once they’ve invested a certain amount into one cardboard cut-out or another, they refuse to see what is …because they don’t want to look a fool so… more fool they.
This is the point of all the multipronged efforts on the part of those who oppress and abuse their fellows; keep humanity in a confused and weakened state. This is the actual reason for stoking the fires of perverted and low level appetites. This is the point of the devolution schemes and the elevation of the bestial consciousness over the human. Once they are able to take things to a certain point, the bulk of humanity will be prepared to believe that no matter how twisted the circumstances get, it’s what they wanted all along.
A big part of the problem is the generation of vipers factor. The same way a certain generation materialized to fill the ranks during the greed is good 80’s and who still think Reagan was a great leader, another generation has now come into play that exists only for the hedonistic expression of vile desires and the pursuit of self interest. So long as there are people who care so little about their fellows and can see a profit out of vampire Hell Bitches like Margaret Thatcher, counterpointed by people so impossibly stupid that they can see advantages for themselves, in something where there is no advantage whatsoever and where, indeed, there is nothing but loss to be found, well, it will continue and continue until… there is no one to continue along that route, in any case.
I’ll close with a graphic example that everyone still breathing should keep very much in mind, or quite possibly, the next time you have a breathing apparatus it will be somewhat closer to the ground. Every single moment of life is weighed in the cosmic scales against timeless imperatives. Imagine that you generate a bead of a different color depending on the quality of your speech and action, continuously as you go. Imagine that there are 3 colors, let’s say white, black and gray. Arbitrarily we’ll say the white is good, the black is bad and the gray is neutral. If you’ve got some kind of PC virus you can switch the white and black beads. It’s only for the sake of argument anyway. At the end of your course of life and… no one knows when their cassette tape will run out, even in terminal status, you don’t really know, your beads get added up. For all the things we think we know, we don’t know very much, on that point I assure you. No matter that the beads are a metaphor, something like that exists and it behooves us one and all to keep this in mind. Whatever the mistakes of the past might have been, enormous strides in the right direction can be made in very short periods of time. It is a tragedy, both global and personal that so few of us are motivated to that end. We only find out how great that tragedy really is when we reach the end of any particular segment. We never do actually reach any kind of enduring end, except under the most unique circumstances.
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