Psychological Coercion, Illuminati Style

Michael Hoffman II — July 9, 2013

A common misconception has it that the word goyim denotes cattle. Goyim denotes ger, “the other,” the “foreigner,” the “stranger;” there is nothing bovine about it.
Golem is another story, however. The golem is a zombie created by a rabbi destined to serve and then be destroyed by him. The golem element among the American goyim has arisen through the bestialization of white American gentiles to the level of golem. As long as he has food, shelter and sex, a beast will tolerate most anything.
Three thousand years of Western teaching against sodomy has been swept away in the past ten years. “Homophobia” is now a hate crime throughout the West, with exception of Russia, where legislation forbidding homosexual propaganda was passed by their parliament by a vote of 436-0. (Memo to Russians: Pray for the conversion of America.) The sodomite tyranny is imposed mostly by judicial fiat, which is the Talmudic method of legislation.

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