Voice of the White House October 18, 2007

“There have been many deliberately leaked stories about an attack on Iran but this time, it looks like it will go ahead.

Why now?

Both Bush and Cheney see that they are losing control, both personally and ideologically. They see the feared Putin making friendly with Iran and warning us not to attack. They see China and Iran, both perceived by Bush and Cheney as our enemies, doing more and more business with Iraq. And yesterday, at a televised press conference, Bush was attacked by reporters on camera. The reporter for the once-supportive Washington Times said, right out in front of the cameras, that Bush was now viewed as trivial. Bush stammered, glared and then responded that he was not.

During this conference, he was very angry and spiteful towards the assembled press and tossed hints that if the Russians and Iranians didn’t knuckle under, World War III was certainly coming. Many have seen this PR fiasco so it is not a great revelation.

Back at the White House, the staff knows that Putin’s growing involvement in international politics, in addition to his control of huge amounts of badly needed oil and gas has Bush, Cheney and their NeoCon controllers in a real and very dangerous rage. Putin has, and is continuing, to bait Bush and the insecure Bush is now being treated with contempt, his approval ratings heading rapidly to single digits. And what will happen? From the pinnacle of earthly grandeur, Bush sees himself being relegated to oblivio , and worse, in public.

People like Bush are incapable of accepting error so they always must have someone to blame for their own failings. Putin is now the focus of this self-hating lust for revenge, not the relatively harmless president of Iran. When Bush speaks in public about World War III, it is becoming very well believed here that he meant just that and threw that line off as a warning.

What do they plan to do, Bush and crazy Cheney?

Right now, they are thinking about attacking Russia!

Another possibility would be to assassinate Putin and yet a third, is to join with a growingly terrified Israel and attack Iran.

Connections at the Pentagon have said the same thing recently. They went along with Bush’s bluffing and leaks of imminent attacks on Iran but now, they tell me, it looks as if Bush actually wants to attack Russia!

This is pure nut stuff, considering that Putin is far more of a man and far tougher than Bush and, not to forget, Russia has a formidable arsenal of atomic weaponry and the ability to deliver it when and where needed.

The revival of the Cold War, such a pet project of the crazy VP is not the fault of Putin or the Russians but solely the child of Cheney who has his emotional and historical roots in the long-gone Cold War. Given the contempt with which both of these miserable creatures are viewed by their own military planners, massive leaks are certainly going to be forthcoming and if it looks if this deadly duo is going ahead, the military leaders will simply either resign en masse or send troops to the White House and take both of them away in handcuffs to be put on trial.

Maybe Bush’s head will pop off when then hang him.

War is coming and a very nasty war it will be…unless these two are stopped once and for all.”

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