Repost: Bill Gates Was a Sex Addict — Aug 25, 2020

When Bill met Jeffrey

Bill Gates ticks all the boxes for a key Illuminati “Change Agent”:
– Pervert
– Crypto-Jew
– Thief
– Genocidal maniac
This prescient article from 2013 also traces the sinister agenda unfolding today. Makes sense that a pervert would be at the forefront.
Latest-  Bill Gates’ Ties to Jeffrey Epstein (Did someone say, sex addict?)

from July 7, 2013 – by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Recently I was contacted by someone who knew an intimate of Bill Gates from the early 1990s, when Gates was in his late 30’s. I was given the name of this intimate, and he checked out.

Is Melinda Gates a tranny?

This intimate  “was scary, like the kind of scary you talk about. He was very secretive. He was an originator at many tech companies. But basically he told me Gates did nothing but watch porn all day–and have relations with very deviant women. They found Melinda for him as a cover. [The marriage took place in 1994]
The source continued:
“Basically [the intimate] told me Bill was a heavy porn addict. They used a lot of recreational drugs together.  BG also had several deviant sex partners —  a sex addiction– and finally the sex with one became such an addiction that it was interfering with his job. A group of friends found a way to get him away from the girl—I guess people were finding out. Between porn and the girlfriends, his family had to find him an upstanding wife–so they arranged for him to meet  Melinda at a picnic.
“I am sure you know this, but the BG foundation vaccines have killed tens of thousands of kids in India. [In 2011 alone, the Bill and Melinda Gates’ polio vaccine campaign in India caused 47,500 cases of paralysis and death.]The western media does not cover it, but it is out there. The foundation worked to develop some “evidence-based tools” that help persuade reluctant American parents to vaccinate.”

Young Bill Gates channels Woody Allen. Gates is a Jew.

“We can add this all up. He is developing technology to change the weather–you can find his lectures on youtube. He practically owns Monsanto now, so is developing crop technology (some of these crops harm fertility), and now world vaccine and population reduction programs. BG’s family is steeped in the eugenics movement. [His father was President of Planned Parenthood.] Add it up and tell me how that is a good thing. I am no brain surgeon but it does not take much to see what is happening. BG and his wife regularly make an appearance at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bellevue. Now, that’s a laugh.”



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