A Cup of Upchuck Formula, Down at the Paddles Club

Smoking Mirrors — July 6, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
The hits just keep on coming. Like I said, Mr. Apocalypse is briskly walking the talk. When, in the past, would we ever have seen something like this floating to the surface? It’s bobbing there like a road apple, pumped full of poisonous gas. When we look at the devolution soup that apple is sailing on, we realize why it’s there on the surface; it’s a dead sea. Of course, when those utterly devoid of talent are scripted into plots designed for the sake of controversy, in order to polarize an audience and make the program a hot topic, so as to increase the viewership, you get cultivated ignorance, ignorance that is hothoused by the complicit authorities in power, is a very important aspect of the overall game plan.
Another driving force is confusion, coupled with disorder. You see it everywhere in the world today. It’s what is maintaining the self-styled elite in their positions of exclusivity. As long as they can keep you at each others throats, or convinced of some hazy enemy at a far remove, you are distracted. You are certainly confused. You’re easily herded into perceptions and points of view, which would look ridiculous, were you not susceptible to the insidious programming and propaganda that is used to mind control you. Of course, I’m speaking to a wider audience, which is not present at the moment (grin). The usual visitor here, pretty much knows at least what I know and often more. We can only hope the wider world will experience some positive contagion from our continuance in consciousness… on the upward road.
The fall of Morsi, a contrived puppet, whose rulership was set into motion long ago, is a good sign. ANYTHING that mucks up the interests of Israel, America and the U.K. is good for the human race. It is a sad affair that I have to say this …but there is no longer any common interest served, in these dens of depravity. The only service going on is orchestrated for the bankers, Wall Street and whatever Israel wants, keeping in mind that they are those most represented in the first two as well. There are some whose pseudo-patriotism will be offended by what I have said here. I can see their apoplectic spittle, laden with grilled Jimmy Dean pork sausage and red, white and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, as they howl, offended by my lack of blind mole, sycophancy for the raped and looted states of America.
Let’s try another logic exercise. How is my position different from that of the behavior of hedge fund artistes, who bet for or against anything, in order to profit from short falls, short sheets, short shit, out of luck situations, gobbled up by coprophagous gimmie gimmies’?
Actually, we’re confusing issues here, macerating metaphors and generally going for the wide, wrap around visual. Right and wrong are not what they are made out to be. We got nations refusing to negotiate with nations because they violate democratic principles, while they routinely violate democratic principles themselves. We got nations, harassing nations, about nuclear treaties not being open and transparent, who haven’t done themselves what they insist others must do. We have the very rich, stealing; stealing the livelihoods and resources of others with impunity and without penalty or prosecution. We have, visibly, obviously, criminally corrupt behavior going on and it has the force of law behind it… well, it doesn’t actually have the approvals of law. What it has is the tacit consent of law enforcement that mobilizes for money and principles be damned.
If you really step back for a moment. If you can put aside the influence upon your consciousness of your needs; wants, priorities, fears and desires… it is quite a spectacle. No sane and reasoning person can look at what is taking place around them and call it sane or reasonable. There is a goodly number of people who are more or less alert and some number of them are confused or compromised. There is a larger number that is traveling on the dream web. They can change the channel but it’s still the same program on the same device. Then there is a tiny minority of seriously twisted freaks, who are insatiable; who cannot be satisfied, who are addicted to the performance of injury and torment upon the populations of the world. They are only able to do this because some larger amount of the populace is surfing the dream web and are willing to eat things whose contents they do not question. That applies to mental as well as physical food.
Some of us have filters and some of us do not. Some of us see a guy on TV and we immediately notice that he is lying, or he is shilling; he is obfuscating or dissembling. Or we see some hard candy Rottweiler Blonde asking you to give her the same interest, you gave Sharon Stone (gorge rising), in that bad formula upchuck film, Basic Instink. Some of us dream of finer pastures. All of us have to remember that we are dreaming and that dreams can get hijacked. Dreams do get hijacked and shanghaied. Various forces are at work, in an effort to shape the way your dream world operates.
In this world, there are victims who are not victims but only play one on TV. In this world, people do things, while costumed as the people they want to have blamed for the things that they did. If that is puzzling you, well, ♫What’s puzzlin you is the nature of my game♫
What I am trying to say is, we are being played all the time, one way or another. I don’t know that there is a way out of that- in the short term, Karma being what it is and these times being what they are but… I don’t want get into that end of it. What I want to do is point out the reality of the dreaming feature. It’s all connected. Singular dreams get blown too and fro. Combination dreams can be stationary or not.
I do not know what to do about the viciously evil among us. I don’t know how to fix stupid. I don’t have to do anything about the evil. Evil will take care of itself in the usual suicide dance. I don’t have to fix stupid. I can just get out of the way of stupid… hopefully.
What I am trying to say is that there is a lot going at the moment. There are things you can control and things you cannot control. One thing you have some control over, is your own effort to be aware. Times are changing (cue Dylan), Some of us have gotten some wind under our wings and some of us are fed by invisible waters. I guess it goes to the tune of ‘whatever floats your boat’. Some of us are paddling because we don’t want to become shanghaied members of Paddles Club. ♫It hurts so good, lord god almighty it hurts so good…. do me one mo’ time SWACK! It hurts so good.♫
I suppose that brings us back to the dreaming factor and that is the point I would really, really like to make happen here. When you get a photo from the Zio-Press that shows an example of the offense, you know what you are up against, don’t you?” Or…. for all I know, maybe not.
The plasticized and shrink – wrapped culture has made most of you, the ‘boy and girl in the bubble’ hasn’t it? I guess most people don’t mind being ‘♫signed (or would that be branded? (RAWHIDE!!)) sealed delivered, I’m yours♫ When they can control your dreams , they can control you. This is not to say I am a big fan of slacker/lazy culture fashion, I’m not. There is a ‘hip’ and there is a ‘groove’ but it be none of these. I will close with something from Madame Helena Blavatsky, who I admire, though others may have a different take. I think it is something to consider if you are someone who feels that the ‘same old’, same old’, is not the ‘same old’ that used to be.
I had my period at the end of the sentence.
Anyways…. this is how goes these days in Visibilandia, soon to be transplanted in Salsa City; pending manifestation will be made possible over the passage of time. There is a bright sun shining morning waiting on everyone with the expectation for it and… even for some unaware that it is coming, under a mango tree in that morning.
End Transmission…….


Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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