Would Illuminati Replace Humans with Robots?

by Carl Teichrib — forcingchange.org via henrymakow.com July 6, 2013

Only a few years ago “transhumanism” was practically unheard of, even while the entertainment industry was spitting out a long list of transhuman themed movies; Avatar , Splice , Bicentennial Man , the Terminator and X-Men and Matrix series, Gattaca , Blade Runner , I- Robot , Surrogates , to name just a few.
Many of those movies were dystopian, such as the Terminator series. Others made enhancement something to be desired. Avatar did a great job in this; weaving a compelling tale of transhumanism – moving one’s consciousness into a non-human carrier – while promoting a matrix of group-consensus thinking, mystical tribalism, nature worship, and that science can be the portal through which the perfect world is entered.
Our modern Western culture has been immersed in transhuman dreams. Now, transhumanism is moving into higher social and even political domains. For example, the European Union has already put together a special working group to explore transhuman ideas: the ENHANCE Project.

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