Is the Illuminati Turning us into Zombies?

By Peter Goodgame — The Zombie Apocalypse and the Decline of Love (Edited/abridged by July 4, 2013

Popular culture today reflects societal fears of our loss of sympathy and a breakdown of civilization.
Economist Tomas Sedlacek in his 2011 book, Economics of Good and Evil, writes, “If we lose [our common sympathy], we will become either animals or machines. That depends on which extreme we tend toward, whether the animal in us or the mechanical-rational. We have ontological fear of both.”
The loss of human sympathy is growing rapidly and cannot be denied.  The rich and powerful at the top of the global hierarchy respond with a call for more law and order and more security and protection from the masses (often using advanced technology), while those outside the power structure are becoming stirred up and unified into massive hordes that are taking over city squares and marching on capitol buildings.  Truly it is just as Jesus predicted it would be―that in the end times “the love of many shall wax cold” (Matt. 24:12).

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