Homofascists Silenced Gay Dissident John McKellar

henrymakow.com — June 3, 2013

For six-years, 1997-2003, John McKellar, a Canadian homosexual, represented a voice of sanity.  As the founder of Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism, he was a tireless critic of the Illuminati bankers’ heterophophic agenda.
Now he and his organization are gone. I don’t know what happened but when I read this, I understand why:

rom 1999
He said that in the gay lifestyle, “Compulsive, anonymous sex in bathrooms and parks is much more common than the media want to admit.”
McKellar described the gay bathhouse as “dirty, with a stench of amyl nitrate and human feces. Amyl nitrate was snorted to get a longer lasting erection, and anal sex was going on all the time, with or without condoms. Some men would hang out in the bathhouse all night and have sex with up to six different partners. It was animalistic.”
McKellar stated that the gay community sees it as necessary to “get the children when they are young to make gay positive recruits, even if they don’t necessarily become gay themselves. This is why they want homosexuality and all its perversions taught to the children at the earliest possible age.”
McKellar believed that the majority of homosexuals are not supportive of the pedophile agenda.
McKellar says he feels the most sorry for transsexuals. “They, more than anyone else, are the most neurotic, into drugs, alcohol, and prostitution, as they are totally messed up about their sexuality.”
As for tax-funded sex change operations, he says, “I don’t believe in a lot of gay medicine; it’s more mutilation than medicine. The gay community is more well-funded than any else; it should pay for its own elective procedures.”
McKellar believes it is possible to heal the homosexual condition. He admits that he still struggles and has some failures, but decided to leave the “official” gay scene as “it was too risky and the relationships were always a dead end. “
He says reparative therapy is helpful and necessary in helping some gay men and lesbians out of the lifestyle. More attention should be given to the benefits and success stories associated with reparative therapy, he believes, while maintaining that self-control and discipline are necessary virtues in anyone’s battle to take control of their sexuality.
McKellar formed Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism in 1997 in response to what he calls “the pink triangle brigade.” This is a reference to militant homosexuals who would like to impose all of the above-mentioned behaviours on the rest of the country.
When asked if his organization condemns all homosexual activity as morally wrong, McKellar says, “No, I do not get into those personal issues. I get into the political issues. People can decide for themselves on the moral issues.”
When asked where he stands personally on the morality of homosexual acts, he says that he would prefer to keep people, especially in the homosexual community guessing, “so that they will never know where I am coming from.”
In 1999, HOPE was locked into a battle with the Ontario Human Rights Commission after it was a co-signatory to an April 18, 1998 full-page ad by Ken Campbell in the Globe and Mail, decrying the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in the Alberta Vriend decision.  Source

“If you don’t swing with the Sodomites, you’re nowheresville on the A-list.”
Camille Paglia

by John McKellar — (from Aug 2003, Abridged by henrymakow.com)


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