The Ascent and Descent of the Dead Zone Zombies

Visible Origami — July 3, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
As the world changes and the world remains the same, more and more loopy, bizarre, absurd and ridiculous statements and events, present themselves through the individual, human conduits of the cosmic, Cloaca Maxima. The Conduit in Chief, Twinkle Toes Obama, can now moonwalk like Michael Jackson. We should perhaps call him the backpeddler in chief. He’s got the super slide feature operative because the floor has been greased by the blood of his constituents. Zionists, dual nationals and lobbyists, are nose-hosing the ground for nutrients, which ‘build dark bodies 12 different ways’.
Yes, Obama, trying to speak through a mouthful of crow feathers, has let the Europeans know that everybody does it; “what’s the big deal?” Is this a thing of beauty or is this not a thing of beauty? First they create Al Qaeda, then Israel attacks the U.S. in Al Qaeda costumes, then they pour out financial, logistic and military aid to Al Qaeda in Syria, after having done the same in every other country they trampled under their feet, under orders from Israel. John McCain is taking photo oops (spelling pun intended) with Al Qaeda. Is that a great country or what? …or was? or… or… uh… uh… sigh…
Yes, this is Origami but… in the interest of being timely, I could not overlook the burning tire and excrement stench of a hypocrisy barbecue in the morning. Oh… just wait until all of the blackmail details, on all of the political pawns, becomes public knowledge. Don’t think it’s not going to happen. Mr Apocalypse has been doing the old soft-shoe but now… now he’s putting on his football cleats, for a little parietal lobe, tap dancing. It’s like Gene Kelly, a month after he gets bit by a werewolf, or a Hollywood agent. We have entered the arc of steep descent, paralleled by the arc of irrepressible exposure. Don’t ask me for the geometrical math dance, by which the two manage to touch each other at the point of peak descent and ascent. You’ll need to take all of this up with Euclid. You might want to take a little acid too. It can’t hurt.
Is there a point any longer to trying to make the world a better place? The reason I ask this is, looking at the world in its present state, it appears that the world cannot become a better place, until all of the worst elements have departed and that means a transition and stages of change, so dramatic that one can draw no comparisons between what seems to be and what has to be. Since what seems to be is intent on declaring and defensing its existence, precisely because it has none and is only an ephemeral hallucination, born out of a collective, diseased consciousness. It only seems to exist because the pathologically incontinent minds of bulk packaged, big box store, Dead Zone Zombies, fertilizes this hallucination, with the product of said incontinence, giving new meaning to the phrase, “shit for brains”.
Everything we see external to us, came out of us. The world we inhabit is a projection of our minds. If we have shit for brains, then we are residents in Shit City. Otherwise, our world is built out of whatever we used to construct it. This is where we get the understanding that we all live in a world of our own creation. There are general rules that apply across the borders of all of these worlds and then there are the specific rules that apply to the specific worlds. By example, consider what it means if in your world, up is down, black is white, right is wrong and wrong is right.
Let’s consider anyone who plays by the rules, according to certain longstanding moral codes (no longer in existence, except in isolated pockets around the country). Let’s consider the increasingly more and more bizarre belief systems that accompany these moral codes and the wider world they encounter, now and again and… hear about through their electronic devices and down at the corner store, if they still have one. Their Jesus got hijacked by the one’s who killed him. Their religion and the founder are routinely insulted and laughed at by The Chosen, who are supposed to be God’s special people. You don’t have to look far to see them behaving at a level of refinement beyond anything that we lesser humans can aspire to.
So… here’s a little exercise in logic. No rational person would accept that The Jews are God’s chosen people. It defies all reasonable expectation that a people who have caused and are causing so much trouble, who were directly involved in bringing about the Russian and Ukrainian holocaust, who make up most, if not all of the Central Bankers, which, by extension, are responsible for most of the wars in recent and not so recent times. There is no peoples on Earth who are more directly and comprehensibly responsible for manipulating information, fleecing the international public and double crossing their allies. Some of the most (under the radar) powerful political and financial individuals in the west are dual nationals, whose first loyalty is to Israel. This has been proven any number of times. The attack on the U.S.S.S. Liberty says it all. So now, with all that has just been said; how can these people be God’s chosen people when, according to the teachings of EVERY other religion, except for their own, they are in violation of every code of conduct that there is? This cannot be brought into dispute, except by vested interests and those entities whose loyalty they own, for one reason or another, and all of which they came into the possession of, as the result of criminal activity, or terminal ignorance.
So… if they are a chosen people, whose people are they really, according to the scriptural phrase, “by their works ye shall know them”? Somewhere out there in the land of the great unwashed, there must be someone who, given the information just presented, is unable, or ‘unwilling’ to follow a logical argument but… I would imagine that most of the readers understand the implications.
However another might slice it, to me this is a metaphysical condition, as well as a world problem. The power to do the things they do, does not come only from economic low jinks and endless deception, honed over the centuries with the blessing of their peculiar faith, which sees all other life forms as lesser beings than themselves. This grants the justification for any malevolent actions committed by them against everyone else. No guilt is to be felt and no apologies are offered. Then a professional con and an inflexible agenda, is created to display and portray themselves, as if they were the people who they victimize. They do this, even while they are engaged in contemptible offenses against the actual victims.
Where do they draw the strength and power from to do the things they do? Where do the Satanists draw their power from? The Catholic Church, the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, all have a multitude of deities that they petition for specific things. The Catholics have a saint for every need and occasion. The Hindus have a God for any purposes and the Buddhists have a Buddha for whatever the concern is. For those serving the dark side, the same thing applies. They have a demon for every purpose. According to ancient spiritual traditions, there is a code of acceptable behavior. The Buddhists have the Eightfold Path. Each of them has something similar. Apparently, if you have the need for things that fall outside the job description, if you want something that violates all acceptable standards, you have to take the elevator down to where you find those types, that perform the tasks that are against one’s own humanity and the natural order.
None of these infernal activities come free of charge. Usually there is a blood price. Some kind of sacrifice is required. Maybe it is one of those, ‘virgin kid’ things, involving a real kid. That gets the juices flowing in high ticket seats underground. You don’t honor, placate or impress any high end deities with the smell of burning carcasses, blood sacrifices or casual genocide of a people whose land you have stolen. Who you will impress is the underground king of darkness and his many minions. If you put out a plate of honey, flies will land on it. If you then put out a plate of shit next to the honey, all the flies will leave the honey. You will attract the invisible entities that match your aspirations and actions. That is another logical outcome along the lines of “like attracts like” and “birds of a feather flock together”. Heh heh… I just went looking for a link that stated this and found both of those phrases together as examples. Interesting.
I’ve tried to bring in certain spiritual angles here today and interplay them with a logic dance, so as to show that it is not all that difficult to use logic and reason, to prove all kinds of things that you might first imagine to be out of the reach of these things. The truth is, if you are disposed to finding the truth, all kinds of tools will take you there or indicate the direction. If you are not so disposed, then none of them will do this because that is not your objective. You already believe what you want to believe. This is one of the terrible misfortunes of the mind, when the ego sets about formulating a cosmos that agrees with what it wants to believe. One should carefully weight all the evidence they encounter in their quest, should they be fortuitously motivated to be on one …and factor in what cannot be seen but can be intuited through the mind’s algebra and trigonometry, in the sense that a triangle has three sides. In metaphysics, the interacting energy from two poles, postulates a third. It is similar to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence.
I don’t have the time to go into intricate detail about things that have already been gone into, in intricate detail over the years. No one should have to have things spelled out for them, as if they were incapable of figuring it out for themselves. Unless you do figure it out for yourself, insofar as it can be figured out, you will not have a particular advantage that you simply cannot do without.
Yes, it appears that I have been hammering on the same theme for awhile now. I got my reasons. They are similar to my reasons for why I might answer some comments in a certain way. It has less to do with any emotional connection to what’s being said and more about seeing what results from it, like, “what happens when I push this button”? When you want to comprehend motivation, you set things in motion to see what follows.
Until the world gets a clue and the reality of the ugliness afoot becomes clear to them, these things must be put forth into the public eye, until these truths are shouted from the rooftops and street corners and from electrical devices in millions of homes and wherever they are active. You’ll have to bear with me for a short while. Some things just have to be said because not enough people are saying them, yet.
End Transmission…….
Les Visible said:
I need to point out something that came to my attention a couple of weeks ago (was brought to my attention), though it’s been going on for awhile. That said, a new effort has gone into operation that is more pervasive, focused and concentrated in recent times.
I and some number of others have been targeted by the Zio-Bot armies of internet trolls whose job is to spread dissension and discord at the sites they visit.
From what I’ve been told, they are operating according to a new game plan, which involves creating multiple personalities and even employing multiple practitioners to go to sites and set up a modus operandi of benevolent aspect. Then over time, once they are ensconced as members of the community, they gradually drift into a state of disaffection and, in tandem with others, seek to sow havoc.
I need to point this out because you may well, probably will, see it in operation shortly. This has nothing to do with recent commentaries except perhaps tangentially.
It’s not always going to be the cause of all controversy. Some people simply don’t like what gets said at these blogs and they’re welcome to their opinions. None of that is here nor there to me. I just go on doing what I do as I always will.
Sometimes it’s just insanity. I know someone who goes to one of those bogus psychics; most of them are. This psychic tells this person I am a bad influence because this gives the psychic more power over the mind of the duped. Given the ridiculous things I have heard that are attributed to this psychic, I’m on sure ground with what I am saying here.
If I were demon possessed or driven by devils, I would scarcely be in opposition to all of the things they stand for and by this time, certainly, I would have worked the usual games that come out of establishing trust for the purpose of personal gain. Somewhere, over the years, the scam would certainly have emerged by now.
That I am occasionally unstable due to kundalini outbreaks and other pressures is not something I will argue against. One has to determine whether the good outweighs the bad; if good it is, if bad it is, given that everything is for the purpose of demonstration
All things will be revealed and uncovered in due course, over time. The value and lack of value in everything will be assessed when such things are summed up, wherever that takes place. I’m comfortable with however that turns out. We’ll see, eventually.
In any case, I wanted to draw your attention to things that might be going on around here, ahead of time. It’s always better to be forewarned and… forearmed (grin).
Alright, carry on.