Libya: Mossad, Al Queda & Hezbollah Did NATO’s Dirty Work

by JoAnne and Jimmy Moriarty — ( July 1, 2013

We were doing business in Libya since 2007 January. We make a unique enzyme that rejuvenates oil wells and cleans up sludge pits, cleans out pipelines and tanks and does a lot of neat things to oil.  We had booked a huge amount of business in Libya from 2007 to 2011: $5 billion dollars worth of our product to be more exact.   We had signed a JV with the Social Security Investment Fund of Janzour near Tripoli, Libya.  We were  beginning to build a production facility to fulfill these contracts for our enzyme when the so called Libyan revolution began in February of 2011.
The Libyan people were not in any way extremists Muslims.  Ghadafi banned the Ayatolla Komeni’s statements  talking about killing infidels. For this there was a fatwa or death order put on Ghadafi for over 20 years by the radical extremists Muslims.  All religions with a book were allowed in Libya
Women were emancipated in the 1970’s by Ghadafi.  No special clothing were required and all women were highly educated if they choose to be.  They were doctors, lawyers, ministers, business owners, or just housewives, whatever they decided.  Libya used only about ½ of all the oil revenue that it took in and they shared this revenue with their 5.5 million population.  All medical care was free. If you could not get the care you needed in Libya then you could travel wherever you needed with a family member and all costs and expenses were fully paid.
Education was free and if you wanted to go abroad to another University that was paid in full with a stipend.  When a Libyan couple got married they received a $46,000 gift from the government to start their lives.  Their first home, a 2500 sq foot condominium cost 10% of their salary for 20 years and then it was theirs.  Gasoline was 44 cents a gallon; all utilities were free.  If you were hungry and had no money, they had huge stores of food where you could get rice, milk, cheese, flour and money to buy meat.  The average salary in Libya was the highest in Africa, higher than China or India at $15,800 a year. If you had a college education and could not find a job, you received that money until you found a job.
The Libyan people were happy; there was no tax, only businesses had some tax but it was minimal. The government shared the wealth of Libya with its people, there was no taxing of the people to support the state.  There was no reason for a revolution, there were some disgruntled radical Islamists who had tried to enforce Sharia law and radical Islam upon Libya to no avail because they only made up about 3 to 5%.  These are the people NATO and the US joined hands with to take over Libya.


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