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Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 1, 2013

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Every now and then you learn something new. You see something that was going on right under your nose but you weren’t aware of it because it was very well concealed and it was concealed through the process, routinely employed by those who control the press for that very reason. This changes the entire complexion of things and the way things look is not the way they are… apparently. Given that this is all true and… I have no reason to believe otherwise, Bloomberg turns out to be one of the nastiest and most treacherous snakes on Earth. I’m especially affected by this because I read most of the things given as an example in this article. Though I know the Zionist owned media is more corrupt than used toilet paper at a zombie prom, I presumed that ordinary reportage, concerning interactions between public figures, owned and operated by the Zionists, would be pretty much what I was reading. It turns out that members of the present administration are not as 100% in lockstep with The Prince of Darkness as formerly presumed. I haven’t had a wakeup call like this in a very long time.
I’m having a certain amount of difficulty processing this information. This is off the charts. What Bloomberg and his orcs have done, is one of the most consciously evil things I have heard of in some time; given that the intent is to provoke war, leading to the deaths of many thousands of people. I was already aware that Bloomberg was a psychopathic reptile but… now I find he is ten times more vile than I imagined.
I haven’t felt one hundred percent about V.T. for awhile; things that sometimes get said there don’t ring true for me. Then I find that I can’t remember what those things were (grin). That poses a certain existential dilemma, I guess. These days it’s hard not to be in possession of at least one existential dilemma or crisis. One might be considered out of touch with modern society, lacking at least a few tics and twists. Otherwise you don’t smell right to the other animals. Sometimes that will get you pecked to death. Sometimes it makes you invisible. Sometimes it makes you scary, without there being any obvious or concrete reason for it.
Regardless of digressions and speculations, recently shoehorned into the spaces here, as a kind of hamburger helper, the truth remains and sustains that Michael Bloomberg is a first class Grade AAA sonofabitch, without class or conscience. Only in times like these, times of deep and profound corruption, is some’thing’ like this allowed to prosper, much less continue to draw breath.
I have experienced a sea change. As much as I have believed I was looking right at things and knowing I was seeing a lie, at all times, without respite, without relief, without the discomfiting appearance of the truth, rearing it’s undesirable head, up into the fecal cotton candy-land of this flyblown wilderness, masquerading as a living environment, I have been missing things. Whatever it is, it’s not conducive to children, plants and other, similar, living things; unless, of course, you are referring to children of nightmare and plants of darkness, into which no healing light will ever shine again. Okay, okay… maybe I’m being a little under the bottom here (as opposed to over the top, in case the reference escapes the reader). As I said, I’m experiencing a sea change in awareness.
I had formerly believed that all of these nogoodnicks were in the same barrel of rotten apples. Sure, some of them were there due to blackmail, baksheesh and bully boy submissions but… I assumed, willing or unwilling, they were on the same stroke-book stained pages, in the minimal text sections. If what I am reading from this V.T. article is true, all is not fairytale sweet in Blunderland. I haven’t been this tripped out about reading something in a long time. Usually, I go, “uh huh…” or my eyes glaze over and I go on to the next tasty bit of regurgitated Pablum. Now, ‘it seems’, ‘it seems’ as if there is a hidden war going on. I hope so. We need war among the chief architects of war, more than we need just about anything I can think of, except for the blessed disappearance of all of them, tout de suite.
For a long time, I’ve had the suspicion that behind the scenes there is a percolating outrage going on, concerning treason, other high crimes and terrible offenses against Nature, humanity and beast. That gets shot down on a regular basis when I see things like the Oath Keepers, knuckling under to the ADL and Southern Poverty Scam Center over things like appearing at Freedompalooza. Where I would view censure from these Morlocks as a badge of honor, the rest of these clowns do the back peddling retraction dance, the moment these mass murder practitioners and apologists level criticism at them of any kind. What this means is that they are saying, “Yowsah Boss! Whatever you want to do is A-1 okay with us”. How does this match up with their pledge to defend The Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic? What it means, is that they are lying hypocrites and cowards. It means they will wilt at the first sign of opposition, from the very people they are sworn to protect the country against. They are traitors only in a smaller way that those they walk in fear of.
What does the charter of the Oath Keepers state? How do they rationalize these bold statements with their reflexive capitulation, the moment that a powerful cabal of monsters, looks at them cross-eyed? Does this not ring a bell in your belfry; given that you still have a bell in your belfry? You cannot serve the higher principles, if you bow your knee to the followers and practitioners of the lowest principles, who are also making war on every possible level against the country you claim to love and honor. This is only a portion of a nationwide, worldwide cognitive disconnect about what is staring all of us in the face. Yet! Look at my own confusion in the beginning of this post. I have to accept that many people simply do not see what is right in front of them because, actually, it is not right in front of them and… if it is, it is disguised as something else. We need to wake up.
It stands to reason that these twisted and poisonous snakes will destroy themselves, along with all of those who sold out to them, or were too stupid to ever make a connection between these acolytes of evil and their own unfortunate state. We KNOW that evil destroys itself. What we might not know is that evil comes into full bloom first. Evil raises the menacing specter of it’s appearance of power in order to subdue our resistance to it. It is a specter though. It is an insubstantial wraith, whose only real power is its capacity to generate fear in you. It’s hard to accept this, I know. It looks like some kind of enormous kraken whose tentacles stretch around the world. It’s a shadow, pumped up to enormous proportions by a manipulation of the false light.
This is what happens in the latter days when all that was once meaningful has become nothing more than empty words, with no force or power in them. Liberty and Justice have become jokes. The country celebrated for its individuals freedoms has become a womb of tyranny. It has other offspring as well, like the kind of progeny you would get from Immaculata in Weaveworld.
The most powerful strategy of the anti-life pit dwellers, is slow and persistent, morphing change. What you would certainly notice over the course of a week or a month, you would not notice over the span of several years. Another feature of this well planned horror show, is the managed information sector. First something appears as a good idea (so they say). Then a chorus of parrots; members of the inner fraternity of shitmeisters and the compromised whores who serve them, begin an information assault from all sides about how very good an idea it is. They are supported by paid experts who lie on command, giving you scientific proof of what a good idea it is. Study groups and organizations of concerned citizens are formed, to add a greater public weight to the general belief of what a good idea it is. Finally you get a collection of law makers, whose sexcapade video tapes are safety tucked away in Mossad safes. They get together and formulate new legislation that turn into laws; laws you have to obey and follow. Across a very long course of time, one corporate theft-fest has been followed by one dumbing down after another, in every area of learning. In the meantime, ever greater latitude is extended to The Chosen (god forbid anyone should criticize them for what they do; certainly not the Oath Keepers) and those bankrupt souls who serve them.
Imagine stepping forth into the public eye and criticizing them. You are going up against powerful industries, whose bottom line is enhanced by all these deceits and depravities. Perhaps most people think that the epidemic of pedophilia and all sorts of other sexual pathologies, are simply an indication of pervasive weakness in a dumbed down public. Some might think that sexual attraction for children has something to do with revisiting one’s youth and, at the same time, enjoying forbidden fruit in a culture of permissiveness, where the youth is already sexually active so… so what? The fact is that these appetites are being encouraged and manipulated by intention because one of the hallmarks of Satanism, is the ravishing and despoliation of innocence; the trodding underfoot of all that was once protected and sacred in saner times. It’s all about the reversed cross, spitting on the host, reciting The Ten Commandments backwards (it’s okay to laugh), doing everything contrary to what is generally accepted as good (not that it is).
The fashion industry is not just the fashion industry. None of these industries are what you think they are. Given what was said in the beginning of this posting, possibly nothing is what we think it is. We just don’t know. We just don’t know.
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