Masons! God Doesn’t Take Bribes

by Jake Shreffler – ( June 29, 2013

Jake Shreffler is a scientist who was “burned by Jesuit and Masonic propaganda.” His website is
In pursuit of insider information, conspiracy researchers often neglect what these societies openly teach. Freemasons reveal themselves in their ceremonies for funerals and cornerstones.
This author saw a truly sad sight at a cornerstone ceremony. A man in Masonic regalia told the audience that the goal of morality is to make a man into a brick in the Celestial Lodge. Such a man isn’t hearing God: Morality only points out problems, whereas humanity needs to look to God for the solution. But Freemasons won’t do that, because God is the cornerstone which they rejected.
The plan for bribing God can be inferred from a Masonic funeral service for California which states: “the recollection of a virtuous and well spent life will yield the only comfort and consolation.”
This confirms that the Masons received no forgiveness and assurance from God. If they had, then they would not rely on their own virtues to get into the Celestial Lodge. The statement really underscores the absurdity of Masons hiding  their bogus plan of salvation from outsiders. The good works that Masons do are nothing but a futile attempt to cover up their evil deeds. They aren’t doing good deeds out of love, they are doing them for admission into heaven thereby rendering them empty.
If Masons really loved God, instead of rubbing their alleged morality in everybody’s faces, they would sincerely apologize to God for their evildoing, and ask Him to direct their paths. They would be directed out of Mystery Babylon: resigning from their lodges and churches. If they would truly seek God, then He would turn them from their evil and give them cause for comfort and consolation about the afterlife.
The public must likewise follow God to avoid being swept into the Freemasons’ vortex. They must not be in agreement with the System or the many Masons-without-the-Aprons who also plan to bribe God with some good deeds. God could forgive their wrongdoing if only they would come to Him in sincerity.


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