The Monsters of Irony and the Beasts from the Pit

Smoking Mirrors – June 29, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
The watchword of these times is irony. It’s dripping down the walls of the halls of power. It’s running down the faces of the poseurs and pretenders, ♫Oh yes, we’re the great pretenders, preeeetending that we have a clue, wah do wah do. We’re so full of shit, (‘yes sir, yes sir”) three bags full of it♫ If irony were rain, Noah would be out on The National Mall building another ark. If irony were rain, all the government buildings in Washington would be floating away. I know they’re mostly made out of stone but the concentration of hot air trapped inside, would cause them to float; much as John McCain’s head would waft away on the Ice Age summer air, were it not attached to his ballast. Ironically, Lindsey Grahams would be floating away too, in search of head. His head’s so fat that he has head to give; head to spare. Speaking of heads, this is certainly the time when heads should roll.; When I think of John Kerry my first thought is that his head should be shrunk; somehow that suits my image of him. He’d be like the guy that freed the genie and she gave him one wish and he said, “How about a little head”? That’s probably why he’s in a sensitive, diplomatic office, serving the national interest by sliding backwards in estrus, every time the Israeli national anthem is played. Each country has a distinctive instrument that expresses the preferred atmosphere of that nation. In Scotland they have bagpipes. In Israel, they use acoustic cash registers.
So… speaking of irony, here’s the Israeli, Stepin Fetchit in Chief, paying homage to one of his (snicker, loud belly clenching guffaws!!!) heroes. In an example of further trenchant irony, here is the response of the South African public, to the visitation of empty space alien, Obama. You’ll note they’re not unaware of his ongoing agendas, as he pimp walks through the international corporation’s future plunder zones.
You want irony? We got irony. We got irony like Chucky Schumer’s impacted colon, doing standup in the occupied territories; better known as Six Flags over Genocide. And… and… just to set the record clear, with more irony, it looks like Ecuador doesn’t trust CIA asset Julian Assange any better than most of the rest of us. Irony upon irony. It’s not the dew that sparkles on the early morning grass. It’s irony. ♫Irony… is such a perfect word. All our leaders are untrue. Irony is hardly ever seen. And mostly cause you’re dumb as dirt♫
Irony means doing someone’s laundry while they’re in it. The irony factor comes in when you consider that there has to be a reason you kill someone and when it comes to this sort of killing, it is infallibly about what they do or did (once). Why did they kill this man? Those of us (in the minority) still possessing the capacity for objective reasoning don’t have to reason it out very far, to come up with the inarguable conclusion that they are sending a message. They are sending a message about whistleblowers and cleaning up loose ends at the same time. They’re hitting all the angles; not just whistleblowers …but nosy reporters as well. You’d think Hastings would have learned something by what happened to Danny Casolaro and Senor Breitbart; not to mention so many peripheral and center stage figures they take out, where the cause of death is conveniently other than what it really was. They pretty much mastered the camouflaged murder some time ago.
Anyway, they’re slinking through the landscape killing as they go. They’re ♫just running scared♫ and they got reason to. They got a crew of troglodytes, closing that barn door, while the horses gallop across the pasture. They are most of all, sending a message …because Whistleblower Flu is making the rounds. Of course, though their tactics will put the fear of Satan into some number of hearts, it’s going to galvanize others to seek safe harbor, while it can still be reached. Expect all varieties of multicolored shit to be hitting the fan real soon.
Of course, we know who’s behind all this shit. We know who the Monsters of Irony are. This is why any self respecting blog, should have the Official ‘Israel did 9/11′ campaign button (see the right hand menu) somewhere on their site. Let’s just call it another litmus test. Yeah, lets.
Speaking of ironic, controlled opposition, one has only to look at the amount of Zionist golems among the 26 senators, mealy mouthing outrage about the spying caper. My advice to the reader is, look for an ulterior motive, no matter what gets said or done by any one of the three branches of government. Whatever you are presented with as being true, believe the opposite. If they smile at you, watch your back. If you’re getting some ridiculous positive commentary, on anything; like the economy for instance, absolutely believe the opposite.
As Israel presses their death dance, culture war upon the west, in search of ubiquitous Marxism, you have only to take a look at that folk rock band, The Ironic Colonics, over at The Supreme Court. Watch all the little death spiral dances from the gay, anti-nuclear family agenda, to Political Correctness run amok. Insanity is lumbering through the neighborhood like a drunken Tyrannosaurus Rex, searching for greater and greater absurdities AND there are large groups of people, who will tremble with incensed outrage, to hear me speak in disparaging terms about cartoon scenarios like that deprived six year old.
It’s coming at you on all fronts. Witness the recent law being passed that gives preferential treatment to amnestied aliens. Last time I mentioned this kind of thing, some virtual, nose ringed and tattooed graduate from one of The Seven Sisters, (who, no doubt, got her degree in Indigenous People’s Gender Studies) gave me grief, like only a privileged white liberal can do, for utilizing the word ‘illegal’, as if there were some kind of an emotional tag to it, instead of it being nothing more than a term of definition. Now words have political and cultural connotations that are fraught with meaning for the benefit of hysterical, sexually frustrated Nimrods for whom ‘coming and going’ are interchangeable because ‘stupid is the new smart’. God save all truly oppressed people from the despicable clutches of those pathologically driven to assist them for personal gain. Social reformers are responsible for more deaths than dictators.
To see the harm done by these serial abuser, Typhoid Marys, look at what they did for the Civil Rights Movement, the Alternative Sexual Movement and any movement they can piggy back on top of, for fraudulent press and financial profit.
Yes, this is one of those cynical and sarcastic postings, brought about because there really is no other appropriate mindset one can have, in the face of the twisted nightmare that Western Culture has become. It’s not unlike what happens to a motel swimming pool that sits for months unattended, unshocked, chlorine free and teeming with new and unattractive life forms. When the necessary cleansing rituals, required by any society are done away with, it turns into a hothouse incubator for vermin and parasites. It’s never the threats from outside that brings a nation down, it’s the rot from within and this rot is cultivated by those who feed off of whatever profit comes available in the looting, raping, pillaging and sacking that attends the process. That’s when you see sharks, discount buying companies and then selling off the parts piecemeal; junk bonds, hedge fund werewolves and runaway civil servants, doing their tap dancing with cleats, on the heads of a benumbed public… tasering and imprisoning elementary school children, taking people’s children away, giving legal custody of them to pedophiles. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen. It’s an international operation. So, when you get the impression that I am being far too cynical, lacking in compassion and understanding, about the collective permissiveness, granted by the general indifference of the deluded. Remember the contents of those links and keep in mind that there are tractor trailer loads of this sort of thing. Keep in mind that there are abuses and outrages past counting. Meanwhile, the terminally uninformed, bask and wallow, in the hog lagoons of incurable ignorance, shouting down anyone and everyone who disagrees with them; vaccinated and inoculated against truth and every horse it rode in on, beating on their chests, like gorillas overdosing on testosterone; “U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!” They stew in the toxic hatred, drummed up by Satanic Israel, against the Muslim populations, when Israel is singly responsible for every single event being blamed on the Muslims and that is why these sites proudly bear the Official, ‘Israel did 9/11′ button. Count the days and count the ways that all the big alternative sites find ways not to shine this undeniable light upon the inky darkness of the public mind.
Where’s the joy? They have sucked the color from existence. They have plunged us into a maelstrom of fear and confusion. They are laughing in your faces, stealing without penalty, killing with impunity. There is no crime they will not countenance. There is no low to which they will not stoop. Everyone that might have stopped them, is now owned by them, or scared of them, or nicely bought off by them. What does that leave us with? All that leaves us with is you.
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