Sharia & Talmud Compared: A Muslim Reply

By Mohammed Ash – June 28, 2013

Had I read the article Talmud & Shariah Law by John Kunkle on any other website, I would not have bothered to write in. But I read it on Henry Makow’s website which I respect and have learned a lot from his books. If you search the web for information about Islam, you will notice that the NSA search engine otherwise known as Google, comes up with many negative search results, its usually websites that are claiming to “debunk” or “expose” Islam. I sometimes wonder: Is this Obama’s Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein’s idea at work i.e. to nudge people towards certain information in order to control the conclusions they come to. After all Albert Pike predicted World War Three would be caused between Muslims and Christians, where the two would mutually wipe each other out.
To compare the Shariah to Talmudic Law is a great insult. Islam forbids the system of usury for all people regardless of faith. Talmudic law forbids the lending at interest to fellow Jews but allows it for the Goyim (cattle). Non-Muslims in the Islamic law pay an additional tax, but in return they do not have to fight in wars or pay the compulsory charity on their savings at 2.5%. Many people twist the truth to deliberately portray Islam in a negative light.
One important principle that people need to understand. In Islam our primary source of law is the Quran which we believe is a direct revelation from God to mankind via the Prophet Muhammed. Muslims also accept that God sent guidance to humanity through the ages, through Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus etc etc. Thus we accept the Torah, Injil , Psalms of David and Bible to all contain truths but sadly there has been tampering of the scriptures to suit the interests of the corrupt class of the time.

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