Voice of the White House October 8, 2007

“The one person whom the Bush people fear and detest the most is Vladimir Putin. Why is this? White House sponsored propaganda has it that Vladimir is not nice on matters of civil rights. He is, they claim, through their fronts, trying to establish another dictatorship in Russia. The truth of the matter is simply that the U.S. is rapidly running out of oil. It is known in the oil trade that the Saudi fields are starting to run dry. We have so messed things up in Iraq, due entirely to Bush’s gross stupidity, that oil from that country is but a trickle and we picked fights with Chavez of Venezuela who is another source. Now we are just beginning to discover that Russia has huge oil reserves and since we have been working to overthrow him, and he is aware of it, there is a growing but very muted frenzy in the corporate headquarters of major oil companies here. This has communicated itself to the Oval Office, hence the attacks on Putin and the attempts, in conjunction with the thieving and ousted Oligarchs, to overthrow Putin or, at the least, to replace him with another tool like Yeltsin. Russia’s legitimate claim to huge oil deposits in their part of the Arctic is another nail in the coffin. They reason, and I have seen memos on this, that if we can oust Putin, we can get our hands on their oil. But Putin is not about to put his head on the block for Bush and the CIA so the White House is not sure how to proceed. Due to CIA activities, we thought we managed to pry the Ukraine loose from Putin’s grip but Putin retaliated by refusing to ship any oil or gas to Europe over Ukranian-controlled pipelines until they paid a huge increase in fees. The Ukranians refused, siphoned off oil and gas intended for other countries and then Putin simply cut everyone off. And this in the middle of a cold winter. So much pressure was put on Ukraine that she quickly caved in. Their cries for help to Washington were met with silence. After all, there is nothing we could do. Threatening a very well-armed Russia as we have been Iran would never work. If Bush went too far with Putin, there would be a very ugly war which we would lose and everyone here know it. So Bush keeps quiet in public but his CIA is busy as work trying to get rid of Putin. He was supposed to step down in 2008 and they already were pouring vast amounts of American taxpayer’s money into the hands of American-friendly Russian political figures. More money down the drain, just like the hundreds of billions gone down the Iraqi rathole. Realists, who are few and far between in Washington and who never, ever dare to open their mouths around the Bush people for fear of instant retaliation realize the truth of the matter but such things, obvious though they might be, never occur to our top leadership. The difference between Putin and Bush is that the former is intelligent, patient, clever and working for his country’s best interest. Bush is none of these and can never be. And in the end, we all will suffer. Not today, for sure, but tomorrow for certain.”

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