The Excrescent Efflorescence of the Flowers of Evil

Visible Origami – June 27, 2013

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This is an Israel did 9/11 website. We need a graphic that says that and which appends to the page. More critically, we need all blog sites whose impetus is a search for truth, to also put that (pending) graphic on their page. It is my intention to make it my thumbnail for Facebook as well and to place it in all of my emails. Thank you.
Here is the John Friend radio interview from yesterday. (This link is unavailable at the time of posting. Ed.)
There are a lot of questions out there for which we don’t have answers. This is what makes, “I don’t know” an invaluable, ‘must have’ accessory to one’s makeup. One of those events for which no clear answer is present, is the shooting down of TWA flight 800. What purpose was served by shooting down a commercial aircraft in 1996? There must have been a reason, even if it was only for target practice.
Another burning question is, why would Israel and the host of neo con dual nationals, who have penetrated to the highest positions of strategic power, in the Departments of Defense and State (and many another location) want to destroy the biggest cash cow, of all the countries that they extort and milk for revenue? There has to be a reason. The truth about this vile chicanery, surfaces more and more, in all its grim detail, with each succeeding day. There are some plausible theories; since rapacious Tribe members are in control of The Central Banks, it’s possible they know ahead of time that the economy has been destroyed beyond possibility of repair, as a result of their long term efforts to suck the till dry, as well as make fortunes off of illegal stock manipulations.
Another possibility is that this is what they always do, it’s their nature and the reason they’ve been tossed out of every country in the world, sometimes more than once. This theory implies that they just can’t help themselves, it’s what they do. One thing we do know is that there is an agenda at work and that it has been operational for quite some time. Early on in the game, several of the founding fathers argued against allowing them into the country. This, like so many important things in history, has been shelved back into unexplored archives. The need to control the vast amount of convicting evidence that keeps floating to the top, accounts for them taking control of the Media and Entertainment worlds, as well as Publishing; deciding what books do and do not get published and what details of history get hammered into the public mind, for the purpose of replacing real history because… well, because it is inconvenient and far less remunerative.
It should prove interesting to watch what happens, as Mr. Apocalypse continues to bang harder and harder on the manifest, to reveal what is going on behind the appearances. It’s kind of like shaking out one of those mysterious pillowcases, from a house robbery that you weren’t part of; hopefully. That’s better than sticking your hand under a rock in the desert, or under the sea. Things come out from under rocks but they need to be motivated; usually that means to eat, breed or eliminate the remains of the latter. We’ve been the beneficiary of the excrescent efflorescence of the flowers of evil. “My… my… Mr. Visible, that’s a lovely bouquet”. “Thanks, it’s not mine, I’m just holding it for someone”.
Dearly departed, we are gathered here today, between God and the Devil, to make sure it’s all on the level. That’s what Mr. Apocalypse does, he levels the playing field, he balances the scale. He is most definitely a whiter shade of pale… rider. ♫I rode into the desert on a whore with no name♫ Yes, it may have been a slow train coming, ♫slow, slow, slow your boat♫ and… we live in a time of pervasive impatience. That is the general climate, when materialism is preeminent. You get anxious and overly excited about things of no importance. You wouldn’t think they were unimportant because they are made out to be very desirable. Often they make whatever it is seem rare, enhancing the mythic value, like diamonds. There are a whole lot of diamonds out there. Some of them are hidden in the rough. Mr. Apocalypse is a diamond in the rough. Yes… it has taken a long time and we despair of a just resolution. Still, if one were paying attention and had been paying attention, one would have (might have) noticed how things have progressed; besides the outrages of 9/11 and all that that led to and… still leads to. Despite all of that, a great many other things have been happening. The wider world knows who did 9/11, or is about to, or has been told and doesn’t want to know; meaning they will be forced to.
The slavish adoration of the deity of materialism has upset the balance of Nature. This means that balance has to be restored. In order for the balance of Nature to be restored, it has to go out of balance to a certain degree. At that point, an automatic recovery system kicks in, like ‘system restore’. Once a culture has built up a head of steam toward the precipice, it can take upon itself the appearance of a stampede. That is why the process is often compared to the march of the lemmings. Cultures, political and religious systems, do not restore themselves on their own. It is not in their nature. They reach a point where their only commitments are to survival and expansion. They resemble a cancer cell. That’s just how it is. The formerly human who think they run the joint, make themselves comfortable under the rocks, much as Gollum went underground, cursing the sun and moon. They are not unlike him in many ways. Consider yourself lucky that you can’t see their true forms. ‘The system’, represented by all the systems that interact with each other, within ‘the system’, either changes those who serve it, for the purpose of their own survival, or it deals with them on a case by case basis.
The aim of the system is corruption and compliance. This serves the deeper intent for which it came into being in the first place, kind of like being triangulated by the world, the devil and the deep blue sea. It appears impossibly hard to most people to see a way out of the situation, so… they accommodate to the demands placed on them, until they retire and expire, should they get that far. There are plenty of distractions to keep the attention occupied. If you’re lucky (or think you are), you get distracted by the high end side of things and get to feel singled out and privileged. This spares you the discomfort of all the things designed to wake you up. I can see where waking up, inside the system, could be similar to waking up inside a coffin made of glass. It can certainly feel that way, until you discover the necessary tools that attend the awakening.
Horror movies are very big among a certain segment of the population, along with creature features and zombie flicks. They all pale by comparison with the real and seeming horrors of this world and some of the creatures that inhabit it. Much of the beauty of life has been stolen through the agency of bad chemistry. Bad chemistry is being flushed into the system from all kinds of directions and via all kinds of conveyances. Pacification is the object and that’s the zombie side of the equation. There’s a reason for everything and it is usually not the reason we are given. The reasons we are given are just more bad chemistry. Toxic environments give birth to strange behaviors and chronic pathologies. Psychiatrists and psychologists are schooled in identifying them and applying certain treatments to eliminate or control them. As usual, in an allopathic format, most of the time, the actual cause is ignored and that accounts for the ridiculous amount of pharmaceutical solutions (which solve little) that are applied; more bad chemistry.
If you don’t have the pharmaceuticals or the distractions. If they don’t work on you. You’re going to wake up and you are going to find that you have to change some things. You won’t have any choice. There’s something inside of the human psyche that knows this and this is why people resist awakening and resist change. It very often means the loss of thing you imagined that you held dear, or want so badly that they blind you to what they are. It certainly means a change in the way you identify what surrounds you. Your values change. There’s no way around this. Once you see things as they are, it is often the case that they lose their hold over you. Once you see through the monster, you no longer have to go in fear of him. In occult teachings; meaning simply that which is hidden from the ‘general sight’, it is said that the devil has a corona of light around its form. It’s said that the fearsome aspect of the devil is nothing more than a mask for the angel, which is concealed by the image, which is given form by your fear. It’s not just fear that does this. The quality and composition of your desires does this as well.
It’s said that the universe is benevolent, in its long term effects upon us. It can seem quite the opposite most of the time because the universe interferes with the acquisition and achievement of what we think we want, or want to be. What to do, what to do, I’ve leave the answer to that up to you.
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