Of Ring Pass Nots, Animated Shits and Positive Ends

Smoking Mirrors – June 26, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Visible will be on John Friend’s radio show tonight (if you’re in Europe). I am thinking it will be happening at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Here is John Friend’s website and just look over at the right hand menu at the top and you will see the announcement. I’ll update here if there are any changes.
Ah… well the joint is jumping and… not in a good way. The raptors and cannibal clowns are experiencing a multipronged attack of shingles, haemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (especially), given that they are such noxious shits; it stands to reason no self-respecting bowels could take it. When you are capable of stinking up the joint, where the joint is already a stinking place, you’ve hit the nadir of human dissolution and depravity. You have entered the Paul Wolfowitz sector, on the bad side of the Ring Pass Not. You have literally become, animated shit; a shit golem.
If you want to view the slow incremental fall of a culture, you can find no better source to educate yourself or… to educate those in need of education than this site here. These people are to be applauded for their sterling contributions to the human race. Listen up people, in the darkness of the hour, when all the world looks like a gray and lonely moor which, unfortunately is not empty like a real moor but has all the negative qualities of a moor, with none of its beauty, we must remember that there is a small but significant number of us that are at the barricades every day, that slog on like the postman, through rain and hail and sleet and snow, without going postal (we hope).
In my life, I have noticed the power and capacity that is possible when just a few people get together on a common idea and believe in it to a high degree. Three or four people can make an enormous difference in and impact upon their environment. Just imagine what would be possible if a good number of the readers here got together on a common goal. I’m not dealing in hyperbole here. I am not exaggerating. I am telling the truth as I HAVE SEEN IT.
I look forward to my coming migration (wherever that turns out to be- given that mysterious forces are messing with people having a connection to me, in respect of this; making them disappear or rendering them mute.). Anyway… I look forward to this migration because I KNOW among the readers that we have a tremendous collection of capable souls, with many a talent between them. Should you be inclined to go to the most recent Origami you will notice an example of the sort of person I am talking about in the very last of the comments.
I know the world is changing. You know the world is changing. It is a tandem of extreme polarities. One aggregate is going up and a much larger aggregate is going down. We’ve been given ample warning of a great many unfortunate possibilities; political, cultural, economic, natural and… unnatural. It is an interesting things, when I look at history. I have seen similar advances of horrific conditions, coming over time to various locations in this world and often marveled at how people simply stayed there and awaited their fate. For me, quality of life is job one. If there is no appreciable quality to your life then… where are you? Another thing I cannot fathom is how people can do things, have jobs, where they do not love what they do. They will tell themselves they must do these things because they have a family to support, or there are no other jobs (which the state is very good at making a reality, simply to keep people in desperation mode). We convince ourselves of all sorts of things that are not true. The truth is that you cannot fail to be successful, if you are doing something you love. That is a cosmic law and anyone who is doing that and reading this knows that. I’ll say no more on that matter.
The Self Chosen are really going off the rails of late. The problem with them is this superiority thing; being better than the gentiles, or any other life form and it breeds an insufferable arrogance and a criminal perspective, in that it is perfectly okay whatever you do to one who is not of your incestuous demographic. In the end this leads to a guaranteed self destruction, which is a really good thing and can’t come too soon. This is a classic example of how far off the radar of sane they have gotten. Along with Brad Pitt, there are any number of other odious examples of celebrity rot. This is when your celebrity becomes a cancer upon your persona and behavior, as is the case with this lovely specimen. You often hear people say; “You have to love yourself”. Okay, I can agree to that within certain parameters but there are those who go way overboard and become embarrassing caricatures of themselves, while at the same time being clueless of that fact. There is nothing I can think of where George W. Bush should receive praise of any kind and the only circumstances where I believe it might be warranted is when he leaves here. That can be seen as a good and praiseworthy thing.
This isn’t much of a blog posting. In my defense, I have a guest and am knocking this off with an eye to closing out early and being back in fighting trim come the morrow. Thank you for indulging me in this effort and by all means, think about where you are and where you might be.
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This Sunday’s radio broadcast is still available for streaming and download.


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