Snowden Polarizes Patriots & Prostitutes

Henry Makow – June 25, 2013

When Dick Cheney called Edward Snowden a “traitor,” Snowden replied that it was “an honor” to be called a traitor by Cheney.
The dispute is teaching people that, with some exceptions, the political class has sold its soul to the Illuminati central bankers. The bankers need a world police state to protect their fraudulent credit monopoly and collect on their fictitious “debt” ; and these whores are happy to take their cut.
The Snowden NSA spying story has polarized patriots and prostitutes.
NBC madam David Gregory asked Glenn Greenwald why he wasn’t “a criminal” for enabling Edward Snowden.  Andy Borowitz wonders if the US government can’t see “the irony” of charging Snowden with “spying.” A White House petition to pardon Snowden is approaching the 200,000 signature threshold. Obama’s popularity has dropped 10% as young supporters recognize that he is a mannequin. Obama said, “If you can’t trust your government, then we have a problem.”

Julian Assange called Obama “the real traitor for betraying the hope of a generation of idealists represented by both Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.” Nancy Pelosi was booed by her “Progressive” supporters for saying Snowden “broke the law.”

Polarization between patriots and prostitutes will only increase.   Hopefully the knowledge that society been subverted by an alien occult (Cabalist) financial power will unite Right and Left. Hopefully, they will recognize that the US government is initiating terror (like 9-11) as a pretext to grab guns and suspend civil rights. Hopefully, Left and Right will recognize the common enemy is the central banker and their minions.
Both Snowden and Greenwald are eloquent spokesmen for freedom. “This is not the kind of country I want to live in,” Snowden said. Greenwald is defending his source courageously and effectively. I believe they are sincere.


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