The Diana and Dodi Inquiry

What on earth does anyone think will come of this inquiry? Do they think that it will find that the Queen ordered the killings? Do they think that it will find MI6 guilty? It is all an establishment sham to pacify the public.

Little quirks will show up, questioning certain things, e.g. the fact that it took them two hours to get Dianna to the hospital, her only chance.

Yet it could show up many more little oddities, e.g. that she was embalmed in France, which is against French law, but useful in stopping blood tests to determine whether or not she was pregnant.

Or the Fiat Punto, which turned up, burned out complete with driver with bullet hole in the head. Or the fact the Henri Paul was on MI6’s payroll, as was apparently the driver of the Punto.

As always, the media will sensationalize every little twist and turn of this event, even eliciting public response to its progress. But whether it will publicise what really happened is another matter entirely

Fear not, it is as always a whitewash, though it will be portrayed as if it could turn up all kinds of information. Just don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, another reader writes: Hi, there seems to be a little confusion about this. So I like to point out, that just after Diana was killed the French coroner, who was first to examine her, stated that she was pregnant.

One of the last photos of Diana: Trevor Rees-Jones (left) raises his hand to shield his eyes from flashguns, at the wheel is Henri Paul (right). While in the centre Diana looks back to see if photographers are following

Comment – October 5, 2007

Never fear, this website will not be holding its breath over the inquiry into Diana and Dodi’s death. The definitive statement on the matter remains Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit, which for nearly ten years now has been all but ignored by the mainstream media.

That’s a damming indictment of our “free press”, particularly when contrasted with the amount of coverage given to reports of Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction – all of which turned out to be completely groundless, but which conveniently prepared the way for the invasion of Iraq.

In essence the inquiry will be no more than a pantomime, like the inquiry into Dr David Kelly’s death it will be used to create the illusion of a serious investigation in an effort to pacify an increasingly cynical public.

Will it work? Well, maybe for some but not everyone will buy it and if nothing else it’s a measure of how our rulers – and their quislings in the mainstream media – hold us in such contempt: that they expect us to swallow it.