Satanic Conspiracy as Investment Thesis

Thomas Beecham — June 22, 2013

The Globalists allowed gold and silver prices to run up beyond where they normally would have been otherwise. With a price of $1,900/oz the amount of gold in storage roughly equaled 9-10 trillion dollars.
The globalists knew that eventually a time would come when their debt-based monetary system would start to crumble. They wrote about this during the Bretton Woods agreement way back in 1944. The globalist banking families have had all this time to figure out how to transition to the new and final system.
They also knew that as the current system began decay, people would look to investments outside the system for protection. The most important one is gold.
Thus, a scheme was hatched to keep people from turning to gold during that final leg of the fiat monetary regime. These families figured out how they would gradually run the gold price up, and get as many people into it at an inflated price. Then they would collapse it, leaving all unhedged investors with huge losses. The rest of the world would be scratching their heads wondering how gold could perform so counter-intuitively. Gold had been rising for years because of monetary expansion and increasing US debt. Then it collapsed for the same reasons.
As a result, the typical investor would look at gold as if it were the worst thing possible. This seems to be working.
I cannot prove this theory, but understanding “The Conspiracy” as well as I do, it is the only one that makes sense. Inductively, it makes so much sense, that I have been confidently shorting gold since at least $1,600.


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