The Fata Morgana on the Road to Damascus

God talks to George W. Bush. He says so. It may be a stretch for me to say it but the hyena in the White House often reminds me of St. Paul; before and after his vision on the road to Damascus. In Christian theology, as in most of the rest of them, you’ve got your two major protagonists; God in the person of Jesus Christ and the devil in the person of whoever opposes the message of the party of the first part.

In every religion you’ve got human counterparts acting out the roles of invisible agencies that war forever against each other and have the same alternating success that day has over night and night has over day, like gamblers flipping a coin and betting on the outcome… over and over again.

St. Paul was a tormenter of Christians before his conversion and a dogmatic pain in the ass afterwards. It is St. Paul you have to thank for the runaway, Christian fundamentalists who adhere to the strict letter of the scripture and the law which, thankfully, can be interpreted any way the interpreters want, depending on the agenda at hand. It is set in stone folks… that is, until it turns into water and runs through the designer canals constructed by whatever Halliburton was at work at the time, according to the plans designed by whatever prancing drag queen- in whatever Vatican- was rolling in the hay with whatever government was fronting whichever Bush was snorting coke and talking bout Jesus. It’s the same thing, only different and… it’s new and improved.

No intelligent person actually believes that Bush went through any kind of spiritual conversion. This was an engineered public relations event that was fabricated to put lipstick on a pig. No intelligent person believes that God talks to Bushligula. Our present day Little Boots is just as certain of his privilege and just as mean and crazy as the prototype.

For those who have some occult understanding of the seeming war between God and the Devil and good and evil; for those of us that know there’s only one force that presents itself in a myriad of ways, it is clear that God and the Devil are the same thing seen from two different perspectives. The Devil is the way that evil people see God. Bushligula is evil, ergo… the God that speaks to him is The Devil and that goes for all of the rest of the Zionist, Christian Fundamentalists, neo-cons and their lackeys and business partners and the following multitudes born so bone-dead stupid that they believe the fantasy.

I’m not here to debate the existence of God or The Devil. The former is an elusive thing. The latter, at least in terms of observable phenomena, is a definite reality. Bushligula says that God talks to him so we’re looking into that.

I’d like to think that there is some kind of intelligence that creates Shakespearean dramas in order to ‘demon’strate the absolute truth of Karma. Life is a play. Sometimes it is a comedy and sometimes it is a tragedy and the two are separated from each other by a thin line called reality. What reality may be… is still under debate and we don’t expect that to change for as long as people debate it. It looks different depending on where you are standing and since you can’t stand everywhere at once, someone is always going to be arguing with you.

In a sane world, Bushligula and his puppet-master Cheney and all of the assorted swine from Animal Farm would either be in prison, hanging from the gibbet or working as strip club comics where aging whores compete for their last crack at the big time. That’s in a sane world. This world is not sane.

How can we explain the behavior of the Democrats? Who are these people? Iran has no history of attacking other nations. They aren’t about to attack the United States or their Israeli handlers. Would you walk into a police station with a slingshot and start punching out the cops screaming, “You want a piece of me?”

Look… look at the political adventurism that has resulted in this massive loss of life that is now in a seething quagmire; IN YOUR NAME PEOPLE. Look at the armed camp your country has become. Look at the daily police action against your citizens. Look at the howling jackals with the polyurethane hair on your televisions. You can’t tell the religious hacks from the newscasters and commentators; both of them spinning fables that they make up as they go. Look at your economy. Look… do I have to grab you at the back of the neck and force your eyes to see the housing crash that hasn’t put more than its nose out of the water yet? The Canadian dollar is now officially worth more than yours.

Look at Katrina. Look at Blackwater gunning down the citizens of a foreign land for sport. Look at the blatant inconsistencies in the 9/11 saga upon which all of this insanity is based. Look at the nasty whores in your congress down on their calloused knees to service agents of a foreign power who are sending your sons and daughters to die for a lie. Look at the birth defects from the depleted uranium. Look at the horror and the spectacle that is the result of a drunken, baboon prince who listens to God.

…Business as usual; the pornographic ecstasy of writhing bobble-heads, snake dancing their way to glory and kingdom come. Born again? …Born again and again and again as the same drunk driving. Phantom of the Opera in a hockey mask; the same old Smilin’ Jack the Ripper knee-deep in the blood of strangers and thanking Jesus along with the America death-rattle choir- IN YOUR NAME. …In your name…

I have neither the time nor the patience to list any more of the countless offenses against whatever God there may be and against so many different lives that include your own. I am weary of delineating the schematic of plots and plans and offenses. Lay down with dogs… You made your bed… Those whom the gods would destroy…

It puzzles me how this vast field of lumpen proletariats can spin the wheel in the hamster cage forever. The human race begins to look increasingly like a cannibalistic virus. When I was younger history used to puzzle me. “Why did they let it happen?” is what I used to ask myself. I used to wonder how people could be lead over and over again to the same tragic ends when the evidence of the previous tragic ends was there to be seen. Didn’t these people ever study anything or understand anything? Were they terminally incapable of seeing how point A led to point B?

Nothing less than revolution is going to do you any good now. It doesn’t matter who goes into office. It doesn’t matter what church you attend or which color of glow in the dark Jesus you’ve got holding the antenna on your TV set.

Is this what it comes to? Is this the result of every newborn’s smile? Is this what we get after all of the fine buildings and beautiful music? Is this what we get ‘after’ all of the marvels of technology and medicine; after all of the sacrifice and work? Is this the destiny contained in all of the great art that flowed from the wells of those inspired few who have shown us what we might have been?

Where there is life there is hope. I hope you find yourselves in time. You are collectively far more powerful than your small handful of oppressors and if you would only stop turning the wheel then the industry of your servitude, abuse and confinement would end. As long as you cooperate in what happens to you it will go right on happening. Stop participating in your own torment. Bushligula talks to God? God talks to Bushligula…? bwahahahahah… you poor fools.

Listen to I’m Coming Back.