A Viral Plague of Megalomaniacs and the Fall of Empire

Visible Origami — June 19, 2013

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I’d like to say it is gratifying to be proven right but… it just makes me sick. Long time readers know that for years I have been stating that most charities are scams, intended to enrich the criminals who put them together. I have especially pointed out the cancer charities and they are especially prominent in being evil and perverted scoundrels. Well, there it is, read it and weep. The degree of of malfeasance and embarrassingly transparent , atmosphere of prevarication that is presently going on, is astounding. What can anyone make of this? What do any of them do when caught, cornered or confronted? They lie. They lie and it is of no consequence to them, how outrageous and unbelievable that lie may be. 9/11 says it all. Things like this just embolden these fiends and provoke them to ever and ever greater excesses. This might seems disturbing, as well as overwhelming. After all, if most of the people around you are capable of believing anything, or don’t even care one way or the other, how is that supposed to make you feel, you who do not believe anything and who do care?
There is a very good reason why it should not be disturbing. You should view all of these surreal low jinks, as a clear example that The Apocalypse doing it’s job. Perhaps it is that many people do not understand the full gamut of The Apocalypse’s arsenal. We know that it is operational for the purpose of ‘revealing’ and ‘uncovering’. What we might not all be privy to, is the fact that it also forces situations and entities into ‘revealing’ and ‘uncovering’ themselves. It forces things into the light; things like this for instance. As this writer has stated, also for years, there was a epidemic of whistleblowers that were set to appear at a certain time and… that time is upon us. It’s going to snowball down hill and… ‘downhill’ is the appropriate direction; way down hill. Although they kill with impunity still, their time for recompense is close at hand. Judgment will come but first… they have to be forced into the light and that is continuing apace, as anyone looking for that particular evidence can see.
In these times, the most disgusting examples of human waste are stinking up the corridors of power. They stink like uncovered mass graves, of which they are responsible for many. One of the penultimate examples of avaricious, crocodile swine is Michele Bachmann. Michele is proof positive that there is no saving America. It will fall. It took a long time getting to where it is. It is not going to take very long at all to crash into ruin. Americans can close their eyes to what is happening around them, while their appetites and delusions run wild …but a blind man in a burning room is no better off than one who can see, given that neither of them can get out..
Megalomaniacs like Obama, are easily routed and controlled by the neo cons that surround him and have surrounded him, from Rahm Emmanuel to Sompow Rhodes and before that, his financial backer, which he has just named Secretary of Commerce. It should be most telling that it was actually possible to put this turbo charged criminal into any location other than a prison cell. Also witness Eric Holder, whose continuous criminal activities, while serving as attorney general, are simply amazing to behold. I can see all of them standing before a mirror in their lavishing appointed homes and singing to themselves.
I know I should be talking about other things in this venue but these things apply to our existence, physically and metaphysically. Everywhere you see the results of the Israeli corruption, of all things American. Their impact on law enforcement, both federal and state, is a travesty upon everything they were sworn in to ‘serve and protect’. They have become bestial automatons of Satanic force. They also are drunk on power. They are brutal and incompetent beyond measurement. It is beyond belief. It has become a nation of megalomaniacs from top to bottom. It all flows downhill. It is operational in every area of endeavor, God help us, we are lost at sea and a storm is coming.
Somehow, greedy, porcine pinheads, have found their way into every governing body, no matter how provincial. The world has gone mad. Events in Turkey have now reached the status of truly unbelievable. There is no word of any of this in the Zionist owned media, given that they not only support these goings on, but routinely do even worse every day in Shylock Nation, which I believe should be the new term of reference used, when mentioning Israel from now on; Shylock Nation. If you can’t see what’s going on in the present, “Land of the Sleaze and home of the Slave”, you don’t want to see. If you don’t want to see, YOU WILL BE SHOWN.
You will be shown and if you will not hear and do not want to hear, you will hear, like it or not. The irrationality of humanity on this planet, has always been a fascinating study for me, whether it is something badly reported from the distant past, or what I see right in front of my eyes wherever I go. I watch people speak, unconscious of what they are saying. I watch them act,unconscious of what they are doing. I hear about cruelties visited upon human, animal, plant and stone. I can’t process the information in terms of understandable motive. I see people who have done terrible things, laughing about it. I’ve seen this in real life. By the day, formerly normal people (of course, that might just be an unsupported presumption on my part) are losing their minds. The politicians have already lost theirs. It’s like one more thing I’ve been saying for a long time; the time will come when people lose not only their bearings, their rudder and their moral compass but their minds as well. Already, a good portion of the population lives in the self induced isolation of headphones and earpods. I heard recently that 30% of the traffic on the internet involves pornography, though there are other opinions but some of these seem questionable due to selective data and data avoided or dismissed. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4%, which it isn’t, or over 30%, which it probably is.; What matters is that the general focus all through society is upon things of no real value and so… eventually, real leaves the building.
One of the strangest things taking place in the United States these days and over the last decade, is the willful embrasure in all public programs and across all borders, of illegal immigrants. It should be no surprise that this is also a Tribe inspired event. It is inarguably evident that this is one of the greatest forces for the destruction of the economy that has ever been seen and it is also a driving force of the lawless state in small and mid-size towns all across the country. As for the larger cities that is evident beyond question. Why… why would they do this? Why are they tolerating organized gangs of Third World Thugs, in every major metropolis; giving automatic weapons to cartels across the border and handing out free social assistance, gratis to any and all immigrants while making these same services near impossible to get for everyone else? Ask Chucky Schumer.
All around the planet at present time, very strange and terrifying things are taking place. In America, the beast has been unleashed in locations around the country. You can readily assume that this is the tip of the iceberg. It is clear that these sorts of policies are being encouraged by multinational corporations and Satanists in high places. Somewhere, close up or at a farther remove, all of it is tied to the noxious and toxic, international influence of Shylock Nation and the banks they control, in nearly every country in the world. Obviously, people are tumbling to the evil machinations of the banks.
As has been said a lot here of late and in earlier times, Mr. Apocalypse is making the rounds with his walking stick. We’re going to try to get you a photo of Mr. Apocalypse and his stick. We do have one. Mr Apocalypse is tap tap tapping everywhere that evil and ignorance dwell. He’s not just uncovering and revealing crimes, ancient and modern, he’s forcing the practitioners to ever greater outrages so that the mass of the world’s population may become aware of what’s been happening to them and who is behind it. This might seem counter productive to you but… when the general population is so incredibly brain dead, stupid, there is no other way to get their attention. Other means have already been tried. This is a last resort. Understand, regardless of appearances. Regardless of how it looks, especially, most especially at the moment, the universe is benevolent, however, as that great teacher Mikhail Aivanhov once pointed out, “When the cosmos wants to wake you up, it comes and gently shakes your shoulder, exhorting you to awaken. When this fails, the cosmos shakes your shoulder considerably harder and… when this too fails, the cosmos picks up a 2X4”. I’m paraphrasing. He said it differently but the essence is one hundred percent the same.
Why am I pointing certain features out over and over? It is because a great many of us, when overwhelmed by a tsunami of negative appearances- of epic proportions- can easily become negative ourselves, unless, unless we fundamentally realize (and this means self programming your consciousness to that effect) that everything is happening for a very good reason and that it will all turn out for the best over the long hall. We know that “All things work together for good for…” Fill in the blanks yourself. Accept this truth and immerse your subconscious in it and you will discover a remarkable state of being, where nothing can bring you down; nothing… nothing. May you prosper and discover that which you went out to find but have forgotten on the way.
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Once again, Patrick’s fabulous rendering of Neil’s poems.

A radio show will appear this weekend but… due to the Solstice, might be a day late or so. (there’s something wrong with that sentence but I’m not going to worry about it now). It took me all day to get this post together and now it looks like my novel is going to take yet one more week. I had hoped to finish it this week.


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