Singing and Dancing in a Golden Shower

Smoking Mirrors — June 17, 2013

Hear Visible read Singing and Dancing in a Golden Shower

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May your noses always be cold and wet, however, the jury is still out on the subject of your nipples. We’ll get back to you on that later. I don’t know, I was thinking about Senator Feinstein and, you don’t want to know.
Okay, people, take a comfortable chair and let’s go to the video, shall we? I don’t have a video, so use your imagination. I know you have one. You wouldn’t come around these here parts unless you did and besides… we check all entrants for their concealed carry permit before they’re allowed in. The imagination can be a dangerous thing. It can also be an important thing. Take a look at the world of modern art these days and you will see what I mean.
So, you’re seated now. Comfy? Can I freshen your drink? What’s that? No, I marinate the olives in 3 in One Oil for a week before I add them to the shaken and stirred martinis. I like schizo martinis. Anyway, you will notice in the video, which you are imagining, that it is about John McCain and Dame Lindsey Graham= the Bobbsie Twins, by way of the Grimm Brothers. Pete ‘moss’ King is there to. He drives the Zio-Felcher truck. The first thing you’ll notice about these, not so gentlemen, is that they all look like their heads are about to explode. It could be due to them having thick Mossad files (with video), waiting for anything other than a false move. These are determined men, whose biggest regret is that they don’t get to do the determining. At the nape of their necks is a bar code with a 729 on it. These men are all dancing chickens. If you saw “Pure Country”, you’ll know what a dancing chicken is. When Israel wants them to do Gene Kelly, singing and dancing in a golden shower, they just turn up the heat on the griddle.
There’s a visibilism, which states that the degree to which any particular elected official is compromised by the Israeli Cartel, is commensurate with how quickly they leap to their feet and start blaming Muslims for whatever atrocity Israel just committed. John’s the guy, who thought it was funny to sing, ♫Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Iran♫ Like he was one of the Beach Boys or something. I guess he figured he had the right cause his head looks like a beach ball, so he could be ♫surfing U.S.A♫ We know what Lindsey is being Mossad-mailed about but we don’t know John’s vile little secret, nor Peter Kings. Someone does though. Someone does. It’s not just men though, cause we got… Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Jane Harman, a couple of real Twisted Sisters. In these days of boot with the loot, the men have got nothing on the women, especially when you’re talking about West Coast, Brides of Dracula, like the Boxer/Feinstein tandem and Nancy Pelosi. They steal in broad daylight, to facilitate the heist jobs of their husbands. Are they all guilty of that? I don’t know but they’re all guilty of something.
The withering contempt of Putin is a pleasure to see, as he more or less flat out states that the Americans are lying. Of course, he does it the way a Russian would. I can just imagine how his meeting with Obama is going to go. He strikes me as the kind of guy who’ll say what he has to and… make no mistake, these days they all have an ear to the ground, on which each of them are standing, so they’ll know ahead of time. It’s not hard to assess ahead of time anyway. Most of us here, know what the intention is.
I can’t get over how they can kill such large numbers of people and remain immune to the horrific implications of their acts. They seem indifferent to it all.; I could never do these things. I have a conscience, which these men and women lack. They have to check theirs at the door, before they enter the less than illustrious chambers in that building, which most resembles a chamber pot and which mirrors the chafing dish that Paracelsus once set out for the learned academicians of his day. When the top was lifted, there was a turd. He was advertised to reveal the Alchemical First Matter. He did just that. If you lift the top off of the other structure, you’ll see somewhere around five hundred turds; talk about the ambiance of a given room (which we weren’t). Erred-again, over there in Turkey, is doing what all wannabe dictators do and that is ignoring the evidence of what is taking place right in front of him and doing the very things that are absolutely guaranteed to increase the number of his opposition. Instead of bowing out and going into exile, like, say… someone with intelligence might do, he’s going to keep at his antics, until he’s stacked up enough crimes to get himself executed for. Some people never learn, until they do. Kevin Boyle strikes to the heart of the matter, nailing the hypocrisy for what it is.
Sensible voices are being raised in outrage; whether it is only for the purpose of garnering political capital, we do not know but… with the amount of outrage coming into the public view, we can only imagine what it’s like in the backroom. You have to feel for Cameron and his butt-boy peer group because they are under the whip of the Satanists and Zionists, who are indistinguishable and relentless in their pressure. They need carnage and dead bodies really, really badly, to fill their master’s blood stein. You don’t want to leave that demon with an empty cup. It really pisses him off. You can hear them muttering in the House of Lords; “Well, whose shout is it anyway”? Hague and Mandelson are screaming at their comrades. The heat is rising on the backs of their necks. It’s very tense.
Yes, it must be something to see, no matter which of these back rooms we are talking about. The lawmakers and others, highly placed, are really acting out now. Given the lengths all of them are going to, to look so completely batshit, kind of gives you an idea of how badly compromised they have to be. Nobody, even half sane, would engage in things the way most of them are. They are highly motivated (grin). Oh yeah, it makes me think about that Liberty Bell and the crack in it, which is where the truth leaked out.
A lot of people out there, who are not influential, rich and powerful, want to be influential, rich and powerful. Yet, any intelligent person, who observes the behavior patterns of this select demographic can see, should be able to see, just how high the cost can be, to get and maintain that kind of status. They also don’t see the payoff on the back-end. Somewhere over the next several decades, every one of these sick clowns, will be getting golden showers down in Hades, from some serious asparagus eating demons and you can only imagine, with the flames and all, how that’s going to smell. Don’t blame me, I’m only passing through, just happened to notice and thought I’d point it out. It’s not like anyone is going to pay any attention. Nah… they’re locked in, locked in and loaded, on something. I don’t want any of it, even if it is free.
Okay, my friend, I’ve run out of pithy things to say. I hope you like the new additions to the blogs, being as they are going to be a regular feature; like it or not. We’re also going to have these blog postings in audio now, starting today. That’s in case you want to engage in some kind of personal actions, independent of having to read any of this. Don’t worry, I don’t ask and I don’t tell. You will miss the little soundbite accompaniments but you can always catch those later after your shower. Thank you very much!
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