Voice of the White House September 23, 2007

“It is a terrible thing to watch someone destroy not only themselves but their closest supporters.

Naturally, I am speaking of George W. Bush. With strong connections to the oil industry and the Jewish lobby, Bush deliberately lied this country into a war, citing a fake “war on terror.” Let us just look at this war for a few minutes. “They attacked us!” Bush shouts, “and I am all that stands between our people and other attacks.”

Yes, George, the Muslims did attack us and since you have done so much damage to fellow Muslims in Iraq and the United States, they may well attack again. Now, why do they hate us, massacres of civilians, destruction of their infrastructure to one side? Because we are the sole economic and military support of the state of Israel who hates all of them and wants them destroyed.

They can’t do it all by themselves so they use political pressure and bribery to get us to do it for them. The sole reason that the Muslim world is now a bitter enemy of the United States is only because of this short-sighted policy. Believe it that if this country were to follow the wonderful suggestions of George Washington and were to adopt a polity of strict neutrality, there would have not been two terribly destructive world wars and certainly not the pointless and completely destructive battles going on in the Middle East.

Bush is a man of narrow mind and small intellect and his sadly deficient moral development is so bad that for him to admit an error and try to correct it is absolutely impossible. As well as refusing to recognize reality, Bush has done so much damage to the political right that everyone is plunging off the sinking ship and in 2008, given the public outrage, totally ignored by the Congress and the White House, it would not surprise most objective observers if large numbers of weak Democrats were all thrown out, along with the vicious and obstructionist Republicans.

Anyone who studies history realizes that Bush is playing with real fire by his stubborn, mindless refusal to listen to the needs and wishes of the public that, barely, elected him. He has, in essence, destroyed the viability of the Republicans as a serious factor in American politics, had done terrible damage to the American economy (the results of which we are now just beginning to see) but he does not care just so long has he has his way.

And when his misbegotten reign is finally over, he can take all the loot he has gathered together (for he is not honest….in fact, the Bush administration is probably the most vicious and fiscally corrupt in the history of this republic) and flee to what he erroneously thinks will be a safe place.

I have news for George, he can’t ever find one.”

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