Green Zone Follies September 19, 2007

“Last time, I gave you my, and my fellow soldiers, opinion on the Blackwater killers. In the meantime, we learn, that even though they opened fire on a crowd of perfectly innocent Iraqi civilians, killing almost twenty and wounding double that number, Bush has pressured his puppet government here to rescind the order of expulsion.

Why is this?

Because the Army refuses to butcher civilians and the Blackwater people have a free hand to slaughter anyone they want with complete impunity. The Iraqi public is furious at the constant drumfire of killings, rapes, robberies and torture carried out by the mercenaries, all of which is now blamed on the Army.

We have been fighting back by keeping a list of the names and home Stateside addresses of these bastards and hope to get it up on the internet if and when we can find a proper venue. Since these killers are not subject to military law and are not considered official government employees., publicly outing them to their neighbors and others is not a federal crime. Murder is a crime but not under these circumstances, it seems.

We have been told here, but not at home, that the American public has not accepted Patraeus’ phony White House-written Iraqi progress report and the acceptance poll figures dropped over five points when the Bush dog and pony show was over. Bush is running out of idea to scare people with, including the howlingly funny fake ‘bin Ladin tapes’ which we here view as an extension of Comedy Central.

And the death tolls continue to rise and the DoD continues to halve them in their public reporting. One of these days, we are afraid, the resistance people will have a Tet offensive here and overrun an American outpost and butcher everyone in it. Of course, that will never make the American press, and the Head Chimpanzee will continue to babble about ‘great progress’ and make fun of anyone who dares to question him.”