Voice of the White House September 21, 2007

“Well, what with a gutless Democratic Congress, a whining, lying President and the dollar tanking, we now have more news of the degeneracy that seems to be epidemic in the Republicans.

First we had Congressman Foley who was well-known to his co-workers in the Vineyard of the President as a raging faggot (all turned a blind eye) and the Reverend Haggard, a major Christian leader and devout supporter of the President polishing the knob of a male prostitute, Senator Craig trying to score in a public toilet, and today, we learn, to our glee, an aggressive Bush supporter in the AG’s office getting nailed for soliciting the private parts of a six year old little girl!

And there is a picture making the rounds here, and has been for about three years, of a besotted Bush dancing cheek-to-cheek with a really ugly black drag queen at a Yale frat house dance. As long as the Republicans blocked duty leave for the soldiers now in Iraq, why not pass a bill mandating large holes being installed, by law, in all male lavatories?

And Bush has ordered the Iraqis to keep the vicious and murderous Blackwater killers in their country and no doubt they will heed their master’s voice and do so. And Bush won’t tell people about the Israeli air raid on a Syrian target? I’ll tell you since that tongue-tied, lying asshole can’t.

There was a suspected area where some kind of atomic energy program was being developed and the Jews wanted to send a message to Iran that very soon, they would get Bush to bomb them, too. These creeps, both Israel and Bush, will start a major war very soon if both of them are not stopped cold.”

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