Lowdown, Dirty, Rotten, Filthy Liars

Smoking Mirrors — June 14, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well, here they are again, the same twisted, demented, cold-blooded motherfuckers; the same low down, dirty, rotten, filthy liars. Yes, there they are again folks, one more cabal of mass murdering, Zionist, Central Banker owned, mass murdering thugs; Obama, McCain, Dame Lindsey Graham and assorted shitheads and psychopaths. They claim Assad has been using chemical weapons on the rebels. Typically, the only ones caught with chemical weapons have been the rebels. The rebels were caught red handed with chemical weapons and that is of no importance to these lowdown , dirty, rotten, filthy liars, who are now accusing Assad of doing what the rebels already did and who are now going to arm the rebels, who were caught with chemical weapons. You’ll note in one of these links that some sleazy weasel of a government shill, is claiming that the rebel forces are made up of disaffected deserters from the Assad army. This is in direct contradiction to what the 24/7, ‘all lies, all the time’ Zionist owned, mass media, has been claiming all the way up until now. However, since the new, most outrageous lie of the day, has been minted and put into circulation, suddenly, the rebel army that heretofore had been made up of a local franchise of the mythical (CIA creation) Al Qaeda; Saudi Arabians, Libyans, camouflaged Israelis and assorted mercenaries from anywhere, the rebel army is now made up of deserting Syrian soldiers.
I have a friend, Bud the Birdman, who just gave me a vituperative backhand, insisting that it is Assad who has killed 90,000 of his own people. Bud gets his news from the lame stream media. For 12 years I have been researching all manner of things for hours every day. Bud has made nowhere near this effort but he is an expert on what’s going on, like so many other people. When someone tells me something I didn’t know before, no matter how silly or over the top it may seem, the first thing I do is to go and look into it and that usually means at least three different sources. There are far too many people who allow their minds to be made up for them, never bother to make an independent investigation and then, should you challenge their position, their face gets red, the cords stand out on their neck …and they give you the party line. The last thing I didn’t thoroughly vet, turned out to be a hoax. So I am more determined than ever to stay alert and be watchful.
It mystifies me. I cannot get my head around that mass of the population, who possess no curiosity and do not thirst for the truth, as if it were the wellspring of existence, which it is. Not infrequently, people presume that I hold the opinions I hold because they are things I want to believe. I assure you, on my life and on my soul, this is not true. I hold the views and opinions I have …because the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence give me no choice. There is no profit in it for me, to have to publicly state that Israel did 9/11. I make no powerful and influential friends by stating that dual national, Israeli neo-cons, strong-armed the United States and ZATO into decimating Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and nations yet to be named. The Zionist, Satanic network, owns most of the publishing, music, entertainment and media companies and what they don’t own, they distribute for, or can close down, or drive out of business, you may be sure. Ergo, I have effectively cut myself off from any hope of commercial success, unless some kind of inexplicable miracle occurs but like those few others who share my pariah status, I find ways to get around the blackout.
No one pays me to say what I do. I have to strategize every day on how I will sustain myself. Although I do have a donations button, you never catch me asking the reader to help me out, like the other 99% of the rest of us do. Except for my request, concerning Kickstarter and investment capital for a business venture (which was ignored), I can’t remember ever hitting on the reader for much of anything. I take what integrity I have, seriously. I trust the cosmos, 100%, to look out for me and distribute free advertising to the worthy. That is how committed I am.
I’m not saying any of these things, which I do occasionally bring up, as a way of tooting my own horn, nor am I indirectly, sideways like a crab, looking to garner sympathy or anything else. I don’t require that. For whatever my flaws as a human being may be and I do have them, thankfully not so many as before, the creative side of my life is pretty much cosmos owned and operated. I don’t do any of this under my own power. The truth is that none of us do; all power is borrowed power. I just happen to be aware of that and so are a good number of the readers. Being aware of it permits you to decide who you’re channeling, instead of being hijacked by whatever most closely matches your appetites and desires. I like the same things everyone else does as far as the basics go. I love good food and drink AND I appreciate sex. My intention is to seduce the cosmos into ‘doing me’. If you don’t stop, you have a solid guarantee.
I am ashamed to share the planet with these sold out whores, speaking of sold out whores and the sold out Johns who patronize them, here’s an example of a celebrated low-life who will, hopefully sooner rather than later, be irrefutable proof of that Visiblelism; ‘the bigger the funeral, the bigger the asshole’. The same thing applies to limousines. This is one of the hallmarks of The Kali Yuga, the veneration of gutter slime in expensive suits, along with the marginalization of the good and useful people. Another feature, is the deep pockets funding for the opposition of effective medical treatments, innovative shelter technologies and a host of good ideas that are competition to all the bad ideas brought into manifestation by uncaring money junkies, who are cynical enough to produce things that cause health problems, so that they will make more money for the medical/ pharmaceutical supply side of their conglomerate. This is the same mentality that pressures congress and local governments to create more and more laws, in order to route more people into the private prison industry. Don’t think they don’t do this. Consider the judges who were being paid to sentence people to prison.
How corrupt and brutal is the Israeli-owned American government? They won’t even bring these people to trial because they don’t have enough evidence to make a case. A veritable police state is emerging in easily observable steps. It is right in front of the noses of the blind being led by the blind. Even though they can’t see it, you would think they would smell it. I can come to only one conclusion about the whole affair and that is that whatever is meant to be, is meant to be. It is as if the movie has already been shot and is playing now in theaters of operation everywhere, as the players provide both the actors and the audience. It’s got to have something to do with Karma. Indeed, one of the principal elements of Karma are Samsaras. They are likened to scarves of varying opacity. Awareness can burn these scarves away, as can good works and other things. One has to be keenly motivated, in order to persevere until success arrives. The incredible, suffocating force of materialism, militates against awareness and perseverance. It takes a special kind of person to have the commitment and conviction to do what is necessary; some of us have help. Anyone with any sanity remaining, will seek out such help relentlessly and persistently until it arrives, or you are a fool, a tragic fool, who will learn soon enough what the cost of their indifference amounted to.
As much as a part of me despises these men and women without conscience, who engage in engineering and perpetuating the horrors of the day, I pity them as well. They have no idea of the consequences of their actions. It might be that once they took the right number of wrong turns, they are locked into their groove and there’s no wakey-wakey till the end of the line. It makes sense. It explains why so very, very few of these miscreants ever do an about face. Their usual course is to do their worst, right up until they can do no more; like Henry Kissinger, like David Rockefeller, like Shimon Peres. There is no way that these men do not know the quality and impact of their deeds. They know and they do these things for the sheer joy of it. They delight in evil. It gets them high and it makes them hard. While the ordinary jerk-off artiste, uses stroke books for orgasm assistance, they use autopsy photos, crime scene photos and scenes from the battlefields. The layman does not understand what these men are. No ordinary person can comprehend the face of the abyss, which hopefully they are not looking overlong upon.
I can find no more to say about these lowdown, dirty, rotten, filthy liars. They are what they are. They are contemptible and damned. Equally contemptible, is the public who supports these monsters in their efforts, who chant “USA! USA! USA!”, who somehow possess the capacity to believe ridiculous lies, who believe that 3 buildings came down at the speed of freefall into their own footprint. The only difference between them and the cattle in the fields, is that they are ‘presently’ walking on two legs and that the cows, generally, have a better diet. It’s not something to get upset about because that does nothing to correct the situation. It’s not something to get frustrated about because the situation is not impressed by frustration. It’s similar to losing your temper with someone at the motor vehicle department. It is something to be aware of and that awareness should help you plot your own course toward a destination, different than that to which the monsters and their mind slaves are bound.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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