Sewerhead Harper and the Martini Soaked Monster

Reflections in a Petri Dsih — June 12, 2013

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I have been mulling over certain questions in my mind and this writer has given voice to those questions. There is a lot that is curious about Mr. Snowden and, like the author, I can’t say one way or the other but… it’s real curious. Any one of the questions I have, makes the whole deal curious. The totality of the questions makes it very curious. Question everything.
For those who may not be up to date, we live in a world of Chinese boxes. We live in a world where situations are arranged and defined, in order to control the nature and tone of public reaction. It’s hard to see the positive angle for the vampire elite, in the exposure of their NSA, butt sniffing obsession. I don’t trouble my pretty little head all that much about it cause I know they’re doomed and damned; once again it’s simple math. Of course, I use math in ways most people don’t, so it’s no surprise that my calculations don’t support the conclusions that vested interests arrive at. I tend to go with Mark Twain when he says “there’s lies, damned lies and- then there are- statistics”. As usual, the Tribe wants to expropriate this quote for one of their own, Benjamin Disraeli …but it doesn’t wash, since there is no evidence of it. I think we can safely assume that whomever was publishing Twain’s books, made it seem like he attributed it to Disraeli. This phrase is a companion to the three types of unreliable witnesses, ‘a liar, a damned liar, and an expert’.
You have to start out on the premise that the world is an enormous Lie Factory and that certain segments of established authority, like government and religion, lie without exception, for the sake of power and profit. The commercial marketplace is also a bewildering landscape of lies, with all of it’s products tailored to ping off of one of the bottom 3 chakras. The lone exception being when they want to tug on your heart strings, in order to bring your attention further down, until you drown; lot different interests have an interest in seeing you dead, though you might not think so. Of course, these days, sad to say, a great many people are too stupid, occupied or unconscious to connect the dots.
Because of this indifference, or ignorance in respect of the dots, we get multi-pincher assaults on the fabric of society. What possible justification can there be to put someone at the head of a corporation, simply because they are gay? This of course, leads to things like this. To repeat an oft included quote; “Those whom the god’s would destroy they first drive mad” (it’s probably ironic that Nietzsche is reputed to have gone mad). This is a cosmic truism and an expression of one of the unknown laws of Nature, of which there are many. Should you be fortunate enough to encounter someone with an awareness of them (and they are around), you will consider yourself a most fortunate person.
People wonder why they don’t meet remarkable people, or have regular supernatural experiences. It all has to do with magnetism. One of the greatest and most facile powers in the world is electromagnetics, which is little understood at the present time. It will be though. There are new technologies and systems of thought, simmering just below the surface of the moment. We’ll be seeing them in the not too distant future should we still be here. These things are predetermined. Not everything is but… some things are.
One of the reasons that established religions are perverted, is because of the tremendous power that resides in a collective with a single focus. The PTW are dedicated every day to keeping us divided against each other and ignorant of our true capacities. So long as they have been capable of convincing us that we are what they say we are, we will remain that way; how it goes, for so long as it goes. The universe has that covered though, with the power of the planets engaging each other, the cosmos sets up conditions and awakens the abilities necessary to meet them. Most of us have very little idea of what our potential is; what we are capable of, had we the understanding of simple principles. Do the math.
In every culture at the moment, there are two ends of the spectrum, in contention with each other. The same could be said of the internal works of most people. We have a moral compass. At the same time there are all sorts of magnetic distractions that can definitely affect the needle. The reason the doomed elite are pushing the gay marriage agenda and working to subvert the basic family structure, should be obvious to those with eyes that can see. For those whose minds have been co-opted by emotional manipulations of their thinking processes, there are all kinds of convincing, seemingly high minded justifications for various things. It’s the same thing that is extant in the kind of patriotism that seduces the ‘young, dumb and full of cum’, leading them into the carrion fields of brutality and death. It’s all a psychopathic murder dance, for the benefit of bankers and those who serve their ends.
The hypnotic stupor is difficult to break. One sees the rich and powerful, in their sanctimonious self righteousness, posing and preening, mouthing the obvious lies, all swollen up in the pomposity of their self importance, caring not who they injure or kill and coming off all reasonable and privy to that privileged information, which the rest of us do not possess, which explains it all, justifies it all, permits it all.
Robots in uniforms, with shiny brass buttons, play their horns in the pit below the stage. The wind tears at the bunting and fat faced, martini soaked monsters, flash their pricey dental work and tell absolutely ridiculous lies, just like the lies told by the last bunch of creeps, on the same stage, a few short years ago; the same tired lies the guys before them told a few years before that. Given the opportunity, a new bunch of liars will appear on the same stage a few years from now. If they are on that stage, they are lying. They don’t get on that stage unless they lie. It’s just like that on network TV. You don’t get on network TV unless you lie and the only exception to that is when you are hired to tell a part of the truth, in order to convey the perception that some kind of reasonable and fair exchange of ideas is taking place. As long as you are dumb enough to buy into that, it’s what you’re going to get.
They hijacked the world, destroyed the economy and put people on the streets, now they’re taking away their sleeping bags and food. It can pretty much all be traced back to the same people in every instance. On the one hand it is directly evident and on the other hand it is indirect. It’s a system of sorts. Through having recourse to their own printing press, money is no object, so they put certain people into office, people of a certain stripe and then they compromise them, if they aren’t compromised already. The article is pretty clear about what’s going on and recent news about Sewerhead Harper puts it all into perspective.
These people, who let people like this, head up the fraud division of their police force and who celebrate this kind of behavior, as an expression of sound business acumen, are not just going to go away. They’ve been at this kind of thing for centuries. They are the willing servants of evil incarnate and by their works you damn well know them, or you don’t know much. I understand how the combination of cowardice and brainwashing, known as the Hasbara Shampoo, can account for your rationalizing away everything they do, while you perform the Gollum Genuflection at their feet. They’re not going to go away though and they’re not going to look upon you as brothers in arms, who are going to get some kind of a pass for being good little doggies. That’s not how it works.
The only thing that is going to work is a relentless effort to inform the public, in tandem with the glaring evidence of their actions on the world’s stage. There’s a reality about public consciousness which is extremely powerful. It’s a kind of critical mass, straw that breaks the camel’s back, kind of thing. Once a certain portion of the public is made aware of the truth, it begins to vibrate, to hum through the collective consciousness, at which point it magically begins to initiate change, according to… according to? It begins to initiate change, according to yet another mysterious law of Nature that is not commonly recognized.
People have to be told and they are being told. They are being shown as well. Right at this moment Erdogan is being shown. Erdogan is done. You can stick a fork in him. It doesn’t help matters that he purged the military either. This is the time and this is the place. Presently we are in the humiliation setup phase, where the clowns who don’t realize they are clowns, are in competition with each other to see who can embarrass themselves the most. They are in competition to see who can be more sold out and bought off than their peers. Once they have effectively demonstrated what they are made of, well, the next phase will naturally follow.
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