Diary of a Bilderberg Protester

Sandeep Parwagg — henrymakow.com June 11, 2013

The Bilderberg Group – a meeting of some of the most powerful people in the western world – gathered outside London June 6-9 to orchestrate events which will impact our lives in the months to come.
I woke up in the early hours of Saturday after having only slept for an hour. I was overexcited. The feeling of constantly reading and denouncing the Bilderberg Group on the net compared to going out and confronting them when they were yards away gave me a thrill. Their power didn’t deter me from letting them know that I am awake and can see through their lies.
I arrived early and a heavy police presence was evident. I walked about 30 mins from the train station up to the luxurious Grove hotel and saw many police vehicles drive by.
The G4S ‘security’ (They were quite a joke. Some were teenagers and looked like they were completely disengaged from their jobs; some looked like they couldn’t run one meter) created a ‘security’ checkpoint in order to be let in to the protest site.
To be fair, it was fair except when the screener put his nose in my drink to smell for whatever he was trying to smell. I wasn’t groped or asked for ID. The weather was fantastic and the scenery of the Grove estate was beautiful.  I quickly met two guys I talked with and had many good discussions with others. It was quite liberating to meet people who shared my viewpoint and didn’t subscribe to the pre-indoctrinated conceptions of the world.

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