US government black investments are just the tip of the iceberg

Rebel of Oz — January 11, 2013

“Last year the Government of the United Sates generated over 7.5 trillion dollars in revenue. The amount generated from taxes came to just over 2.5 trillion while they earned over 5 trillion dollars on investment income. Only 2.5 trillion dollars were allocated for the Federal budget while the other 5.0 trillion is not accounted for in the budget. We are told that the government spent 3.8 trillion which was 1.3 trillion more that they generated in taxes. What they are not telling us is that after allocating 3.8 trillion dollars to pay for our government, there was a surplus of over 3.7 trillion dollars. If every dollar collected by the IRA was returned to the tax payer, the government would still have over trillion dollar surplus. The fraudulent bookkeeping by the government is stealing the wealth of the people.” – Jerry Day,
This is a mega bomb shell. At least two thirds of the US federal government’s revenue are not overseen by Congress. They can spend it on whatever they please. And how are they spending it? Given the damage they are already doing with the money given to them by Congress, we got to expect the worst.
They could use the trillions to retire debt. They could use it to get less into debt. They could use it to abolish taxes altogether. But they don’t. And they don’t tell Congress nor the public about all that money they have stashed away. It’s part of their black coffers. It pays for the ‘secret government’ and those black ops they don’t want Congress to know about, for whatever reason.
You could be just a cynic and say, welcome to the real world of parliamentary democracy. But think about it, where did all that money come from the government used to buy 70 percent of all American and foreign blue chip stock? The funds they have skimmed off the incoming tax revenue certainly wouldn’t have sufficed to buy such a huge chunk of all local and foreign blue chip corporations.
Ever heard of CIA drug planes? If you haven’t, google it. The CIA is the world’s biggest distributor of illegal drugs. Sometimes they get caught and you can find pictures and videos all over the Internet. Illegal drugs are not only the biggest, but also the most profitable industry in the world to be in, thanks to law enforced, tax payer funded government monopoly protection. Where do the trillions in profits from the drug business go? Bingo!
While some of the revenue probably flows back into the day-to-day ‘secret government’ operations, the humongous surplus gets invested in buying voting shares in the likes of Microsoft, Google and Facebook. That would explain why those companies have such a cosy working relationship with the likes of the NSA, the secret backdoors into every computer connected to the Internet, the unrestricted access of all our private information. Investing all that drug money into multinational corporations also serves as a way of money laundering. Revenue earned from those investments can be used to explain internally where all those funds are coming from for the various ‘off-budget’ activities. That way, not every public servant involved in those activities becomes aware that he is spending drug money.
The black investments are just the tip of the iceberg. If you look closer you will find what a rotten-to-the-core mafia whorehouse the United States government really is.