Alex of Zion Plays a Blinder at the BBC

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For June 9, 2013

A wretched mornings viewing this Sunday on BBC1.
On ‘The Daily Politics’ there was, for the first time, an item on the Bilderberger Conference, held this year at ‘The Grove’ in Watford, UK. There were large crowds of protesters outside, if somewhat distant from, the hotel itself. BBC coverage managed to make it look like a handful of fruitcakes carrying ventriloquist’s dummies, wearing clown suits and carrying  deranged-looking ( to the disinterested observer) placards about paedophilia and the like. Cut to the studio where Andrew Neil interviewed David Aaronovitch and (Blimey What’s This!) Alex Jones about the Bilderbergers. Look at the clip below (to the very end please) and judge for yourselves but for once, and it is once, I have to almost agree with David Aarovitch when he said, re global criminal conspirators manipulating world events, to Jones:
“The fact you are here indicates that either that one, they don’t exist or two, you are part of the conspiracy. I say the first.”
Anyone who watches the entire sorry performance below will surely go with number two.
Could Jones possibly have used this precious time more wastefully. Could he possibly have given a more discreditable performance. God help us!. He was embarrassing to watch and said nothing, in my view, that would tempt the casual government-trusting observer to change their views. Andrew Neil’s gesture at the end was surely, to the average viewer, quite fitting.
Jones is the very worst kind of spokesman for those of us who try to educate people about deep manipulation of political processes, the hegemony of finance, and the breathtaking and murderous lies of all our leaders.
I admit to having learnt quite a bit from Jones myself but this ‘limited hangout’ artist acts like a fool, looks like a fool and, what’s worse, brings down ridicule on the heads of the rest of us.
Most of us quickly grow out of admiring this Zion-funded egomaniac.
What was it Lenin said?
The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.
Looks like Alex, smells like Alex.
Must be Alex.

For more BBC1 manipulation watch ‘The Big Questions’ on BBC iPlayer (series 6, episode 20), aired this morning also, but not yet online.
The debate about Syria was so skewed it was sickening to watch. There were two opponents of ‘our’ intervention in Syria, the main guy being a decent enough military fellow but a bit dim. He pointed out the obvious dangers based on the experience of Iraq and Afghanistan but failed to also make the point out that it was US/UK/EU politicians (with the support of Qataris and Saudis) that kicked off the’Syrian Rebellion’ that these same politicians now find so ‘heartbreaking’. He also did not challenge the picture of a satanic government at war with its own people when NATO’s own research shows that 70% of the Syrian public support Assad, 20% are neutral and only 10% support the rebels. This is a level of support that David Cameron and Barack Obama can only dream about.
The (don’t laugh) ‘democrats’ pushing for war far outnumbered these two and were allowed to bang on about our ‘humanitarian duty’ ad nauseam. One also notes that whenever issues of war are debated on the BBC, the Jewish representative from the ‘Henry Jackson Society’ always seems to make an appearance, loathsome dissembling git that he is.
Yup, the BBC know how to create the impression they desire. Gotta be the world’s most skilled and practiced liars. Increasing numbers, encouragingly, are seeing through the system. Even Tory MP’s are up in arms about the prospect of our arming ‘the rebels’ (as their party leaders recommend) so these people are getting educated somewhere even if it is not by the BBC.
P.S. Here is a powerful report about and appeal for Syria written by Nobel Laureate, Mairead Maguire.
It’s conclusion (below) contains the kind of truth you will never read in the western mainstream media,


Following many authorized reports in the mainstream Medias and our own evidences I can stress that the Syrian State and its population are under a proxy war led by foreign countries and directly financed and backed mainly by Qatar who has imposed its views on the Arab League. Turkey, a part of the Lebanese opposition and some of the Jordan authorities offer a safe haven to a diversity of jihadist groups, each with its own agenda, recruited from many countries. Bands of jihadists armed and financed from foreign countries invade Syria through Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon porous frontiers in an effort to destabilize Syria. There are an estimated 50,000 foreign jihadist fighters terrorizing Syria.Those death squads are destroying systematically the Syrian State infrastructures (Electricity, Oil, Gas and water plants, High Tension Pylons, hospitals, schools, public buildings, cultural heritage sites and even religious sanctuaries).  Moreover the country is submerged by snipers, bombers, agitators, bandits.  They use aggression and Sharia rules and hijack the freedom and dignity of the Syrian population.  They torture and kill those who refuse to join them. They have strange religious beliefs which make them feel comfortable even perpetrating the cruelest acts like killing and torture of their opponents. It is well documented that  many of those terrorists are permanently under stimulant like Captagon. The general lack of security unlashes the terrible phenomenon of abduction for ransoms or for political pressure.  Thousands of innocents are missing, among them the two Bishops, Youhanna Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi, many priests and Imams.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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