The Dream Fog and the Cemetery Future

Visible Origami — June 9, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
I feel like I was already here yesterday (Cue the Beatles). Still, here we are again today. The basic point of this post is to primarily, announce the radio broadcast for this evening. You never know, someone new might show up.
I’ve got about 3 more months in this location. Time enough to tune a few things up, should I be able to sustain the focus and… there’s not a whole lot to put my attention on anyway (the book is near finished, finally and Neil’s is fair charted out.; the amount of time these projects have been taking is significant. Put’s me in mind of, ‘we’ll sleep when we’re dead'; should that even happen, given how strange the times are).
As much as pending, or is it ‘threatening’ events have been dragging their feet in endless chess moves; this is due to the reality of this planet’s most vicious killers, finally meeting a certain amount of opposition. Prior to recent times, they simply killed at will with impunity, laying waste to a number of countries in the Middle East, while looting their antiquities and whatever resources the bankers and corporations were after, not to mention loaning them funny money, so that they could lay usurious interest upon it, in order to own the economy of those nations as well, during what is euphemistically called their, ‘recovery period’, during which they do not recover… ever; should things go on as the reavers intend.
However, with all the agonizing redundancy of one state of tension following another, I’m getting the feeling that it is not going to be all that much longer now. Howdy Doody Obama has been caught out as a kind of marionette, Big Brother, along with the weaseling banks and corporations, who pull his strings. They are assisted in their endeavors by a massive army of civil service chipmunks, other professionals and unprofessionals, lawyers of every stripe, lacking the more deserved stripes and pretty much the biggest collection of idiots and ner do wells, ever gathered before on the world stage, for The Apocalypse Grand Finale.
There are certain alarming conditions that bode no well for world peace. One of these is that the Assad forces are crushing the rebels. That’s the kind of thing the vampire elite are not fond of. They are not fond of anything that does not go their way and what they want, what the vampire elite want, is the subjugation and/or murder of every living thing on the planet, except for themselves and those, in the permanent underclass, who remain behind to serve them, until death. Most of you, not being members of the vampire elite, probably are not as appreciative of their strategy as they are; being as you would not be considered a benefiting recipient of their efforts. No matter, this has no effect on them.
Another disturbing feature is that Nixon/Obama has got himself into a minefield of IED cowpies, of an assured, explosive character. This fairly guarantees new outrages against the public, in the form of ham handed, false flag efforts. When things go bad for the thugs in power, it causes a serious annoyance for the vampire elite and they resort to acting out on their favorite motto, “If it doesn’t work, use force …and if that doesn’t work, use more force”. So… where does that leave us? We’ll see. Please feel free to enjoy the relative peace of the moment.
In conclusion; we’re going for brevity today, let me say that the whole prophecy and prediction game has never, as far as I can see, done anyone a lick of good. Nostrildamus is incomprehensible and the wide latitude of meanings that are employed by the woo woo crowd, pretty much renders their conclusions meaningless. In point of fact, most people pay no attention anyway, even if they were capable of understanding any of it, they wouldn’t be all that interested. They’ve inhaled the Dream-Fog and are walking in a wide eyed somnambulism, through the cemetery future. I’m not here to disparage the hoi poloi, not that they would notice. I’m here to say what I say until I go away.
Today, I wandered through a town festival and observed the hundreds upon hundreds, eating some pretty horrible things (grin) and washing it all down with copious amounts of beer and wine. It’s the yearly merchant’s day shopping frenzy and there were more people than I had seen in this town before. That’s a lot. They were google-eyed over an assortment of pedestrian cars (pun intended), and all the other things you see for sale at these affairs and which wind up in the garage or in the attic soon enough or… not soon enough. It was a snapshot of our times. This is what interests people, here… or most anywhere. It doesn’t interest me, or most of you. The trick it seems, is to get me and you into a space where we can engage in what does interest us. I’m working on that.
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