Modern Music = Emotional Engineering

by Monica — ( June 8, 2013

Quite frankly, I find discussions like the one of Heavy Metal, below the usual intelligence quotient of your readers. In the first place, Heavy Metal falls into the same category as ALL “music” created since about 1900 – it is not for entertainment but for complex emotional engineering.
Up until the early part of the last century, music was for both entertainment and for cultural expression, something that built and strengthened society on a much deeper level than mere amusement.
It was to elevate the heart and mind – and in many orchestral pieces from 1300 to 1800, to elevate them to aid in the contemplation of the divine. “Music doth calm the savage breast” is no idle comment!
In order to dispose Western Civilization to the relaxed morality being promoted to them during two world wars, it was necessary to undermine them emotionally.

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