Payback and Push Back from the Lip of the Crypt

Smoking Mirrors — June 7, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
The weather here has been delightful and experiences attendant, insightful; except when they are not (grin). The world, this blue planet in green trim, rotates and is rubbed against by large bodies of influence, which counterpoint and oppose, in a prediction dance, of what the commonplace WILL DO and then, of course, there’s you. Are you predictable? Going along with the program are we or… not? Aye, there’s the rub (grin). In respect of that just said, things just rumble and mumble on. The same, sad efforts to plunge us all into chaos continue. The same presumptuous, mealy mouthed, platitudes continue, to dissemble and fall, into the minds of the left behinds, for whom, a great many books have been written. These sad deluded dupes, mindlessly support those who are gnawing away at the supporting structures of all their cant, dogma and society, like termites with a single purpose; the rape and destruction of the west and… after that? Who knows?
It’s still Spring and speaking of a young man’s fancy (which we were not) and dupes having their culture and religion morphed into a new twist, on Tales of the Crypt, ‘my love’s like a black, black hole that’s newly sprung in June. My love is like cacophony and does not know the tune (to paraphrase Robert Burns). So we get a deluge of things like this and also like this, which celebrate diversity (rhymes with perversity). Now, this author and many people, aren’t all that jacked up about this kind of thing, until… until it becomes the daily fodder, injected into this Wonder Bread culture, of all that is right und richtig (while being nowhere close). It is injected into this culture, through the mass media, which it took control of for that very purpose; the purpose to which it is applied by the day …and easy to see and diagnose, given that you possess a mind and know how to use it. They gained control of the media and many other things, by first gaining control of the currency printing mechanisms; money to burn baby, your money. Because of this being in place and taking place, things like this have become commonplace. On the one hand, Jason Collins gets his life saving merit badge, while feral pigs, gone native from Animal Farm, prepare to snort and root at will. That brief bio tells you all you want to know about the economic mess, Bwak! Obama and the criminal elite that he serves.
For those of you living in the Zionist Occupied Zones of America, Canada, the UK and sundry, here is a practical guide that may come in handy, as the noose tightens and the red army ants surround the cities.
Over recent years there has been many a voice prophesying doom imminent. This has been going on for years now. This is going to happen. That is going to happen. All that happens is the ever increasing sound of insatiable vermin, crunching upon everything that can be eaten, followed by cartoon misrepresentations of life as they apply to politics, religion, art and various things, of which, most principally in your face, is sex. Besides survival, sex is the most powerful and pronounced power operating in this vale of tears at this time.
For certain occult cabals, presently wielding the appearance of enormous power on the manifest plane, manipulating the various forms of sexual expression, among the populace, is key to the certitude of corruption and control. Of course, the step by step progressions, are composed of baby steps that take place in such a way that most cannot even see it taking place. The words that come to mind are ‘insidious’ and ‘painstaking’. It’s been in the works for awhile. The human mind has been perversely massaged and horrifically altered, in relation to its outlook, as that concerns the meaning of things. Step by step, this effort moves from one event to another, in it’s relentless passage to perfidy and infamy. Control of The Media, Publishing, Entertainment and Music; with all attendant accessories, allows for a full multimedia presentation of deception. Control of the financial printing presses, has permitted the subversion of the political spectrum and all aspects of law enforcement. It’s why the way things are today are today.
If you’ve been sucked in by this, then the imagery and noise, cancel out the more useful voices. Still, inexplicably, some form of awakening is taking place. It moves as preposterously slow, as does the malefic agendas, we are all being affected by. Lately there has been an uptick in both. We are moving, inevitably toward Crescendo-Land. We’re getting to that point where the conductor, at a particular interval in the Ride of The Valkyries, resembles a man who has disturbed a hornet’s nest.
We are now all unconscious or inadvertent members of PUSH BACK. PUSH BACK is a contagious and spontaneous impetus to movement that is swirling above out heads and precipitating into our minds. It showed up for Monsanto. It’s humming along in the ranks of The Oath Keepers and the elected Sheriffs all round. It’s in all those grassroots movements. It’s showing up here and it’s showing up there, as the paper tigers are starting to curl in the flames of a righteous anger that is just around the corner, here but presently out of sight.
The vomit of noisome trivialities is a thunder of input upon the senses. Whenever the banal and superficial ratchet up to such a level, it’s that time again. You know what time that is? It’s False Flag Time. The dress rehearsals of previous events, like the Boston Marathon and other events abroad, have brought us to the final cusp of madness, in which they (the damned) do their damnedest to usher in the preferred environment for their horned master.
It’s all about service in the end. Their service has been easier all around …because their service is self service and there is no better motivator in ‘these time’. Of course, it is not, precisely speaking, self service but rather only a specific form of self service, which can be called ‘false self-service’. It’s been harder on the other end of the spectrum because too many of us cannot see the payoff and have fallen away from the harness and the yoke. It is because so many of us have lost both our faith and our moorings that concerted evil has managed to gain such significant ground. It’s just one more permutation of divide and conquer. Sow chaos and confusion, add in extremity and want and you can pretty much decide who is ruled by what. At least, that’s what the game plan looks like to them.
It never works in the end. For reasons that remain mysterious, evil cannot win. It may prosper for a season or two but it ultimately fails. I believe when we know more about math than we do now that the cause of this can be found in concrete numbers. Because of all the things we think we know, we tend to forget the immeasurable vastness of what we do not know. We move through life with ridiculous confidence in our small possessions of knowledge and ability. Many of us subscribe to the philosophy that what you see is all there is. Higher sciences and many terrestrial sciences flat out contradict this but most people are swung by their own persuasive arguments, which have to do with getting what they think they want. We all mold our operational philosophies around this. In the end, a great deal of the time, we wind up without, not only what we want …but what we need.
Ancient fables, parables and allegory, all tell the story of what happens if you go this way, or that way; what happens if you do this, or you do that. We look upon the rich and powerful, as if their favored lives protect them from all of the problems and injuries of the masses. They are no less vulnerable to all of these things than anyone else. It just appears that way. They experience all sorts of losses, which seldom comes under consideration. They die badly and often unloved or missed, while their offspring tear at each other for whatever inheritances remain. Their friendships were all based on conveniences, or obsequious facades; the ranks of ‘yes-men’ and ‘yes-women’ that trail in their wake. They live in unchanging paranoia for their possessions and positions. They live by backstabbing and proactive offenses. They build for themselves an enduring legacy that may take a long, long time to repay in any number of forms. They have no wit or clue about what is out of view. They are the fools of the moments surrounded by an eternity of regret.
PUSH BACK and PAYBACK are coming. They are visibly occurring in places like Turkey and simmering below the surface everywhere else. The bankrupt and Zio-owned, crowd control conglomerate, of various industries, is concealing what is afoot, while pushing and lobbying for whatever will deprive the ordinary citizen the most. The time to PUSH BACK is here. I know this because I see it. It’s happening in wider and smaller ways around the planet and when the right planets come into alignment for the right purposes, pretty much nothing is going to be in a position to stop any of it but… once again we’ll have to wait and see, if you happen to be waiting that is.
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