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Brian — henrymakow.com June 4, 2013

Professional sports are used to push the same New World Order agenda as Hollywood and the mainstream media. A prime example is  Fallon Fox, a male-to-female transsexual who is fighting as a woman in the featherweight division in several low level mixed martial arts promotions. Her (?) influence is being felt all the way to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship.)
Henry Makow has written extensively on the Illuminati’s war on gender designed to undermine society, marriage & family. Thus, the Illuminati promote the idea that gender is a flexible “feeling,” not a fixed biological & psychological state. This undermines traditional societal notions of identity, and morality, making people easier to manipulate. It plays into the depopulation agenda outlined in the UN’s notorious Agenda 21.
On an esoteric level, the various secret societies hold androgyny and homosexuality in high esteem. Their worship of the hermaphroditic goat demon Baphomet has been widely documented.
Enter Fallon Fox. For 31 years, Fox lived as a man. (S)he went through puberty as a boy, developed male musculature and bone density, as well as the strength and athletic explosiveness a man is capable of.
At 31, (s)he had sexual reassignment surgery, and decided to try out mixed martial arts. Fox fought several matches before her transsexual status was discovered. Her opponents were unwittingly engaging in cage fights against a man. Fox is a biological male who gets paid to beat up women.
Fox now has a 4-0 record as a pro, 7-0 overall. Only one of her opponents has made it out of the first round. I have 17 years of martial arts experience, and in my Brazilian jiujitsu days trained alongside some pro MMA (MIXED MARTIAL ARTS) fighters. In my opinion, Fox relied less on technique, and more on superior physicality. Exactly what you would expect from a man who cut off his manhood and began fighting women for money.
Numerous female fighters, including UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, her next opponent Miesha Tate, and Fox’s last victim Alanna Jones, have spoken against the idea of a biological male being allowed to fight women. UFC fighter Matt Mitrione spoke out against this travesty and was promptly suspended for his “trans-phobic” remarks. Strangely, no feminists have spoken out against Fox’s violence against women.
Fallon Fox isn’t intentionally pushing the elite agenda, although in one fight s/he wore a shirt with a Baphomet image. Rather, s/he is a confused individual, a victim of the agenda in her own right, who has made a series of bad choices leading to this point.
The elite agenda comes into play with the fight commissions that license her to fight natural women, the UFC’s corporate crackdown on any male fighters who speak out against her participation, and the mainstream media’s positive coverage of her while demonizing anyone with opposing views.
Furthermore, feminists seem more concerned with Fox’s feelings, and her “right” to declare herself a woman, than they are with the safety of the actual women she’s pummeling in the cage. 


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